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From 1999, the MNN Alliance (now the NINAS Movement) had identified the Mechanisms that keep us enslaved: the imposed 1999 Constitution (a forgery) being chief amongst them. Our strategy is a non-violent, internationally acceptable method to remove those Mechanisms. It means self-determination for each of the indigenous ethnic nationalities in our Alliance Territory.

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Our purpose is to promote and foster self-determination for the indigenous peoples of the target area, also called the NINAS Alliance Territory.

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Welcome to Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS)

NINAS stands for the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination and is the multi-ethnic Alliance of the indigenous peoples of the Middle Belt (part of the former Northern Region), Oodua/Yoruba (the former Western Region) and the Lower Niger (former Eastern & and Mid-Western Regions). NINAS is a Movement, a mass of people united and all seeking the same goal: Self-determination for each ethnic nationality in our Territory.

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We Are Committed Mission Statement

The NINAS Movement has a firm and active commitment to creating and maintaining friendships, alliances, and productive unity among all the indigenous people of our Alliance Territory, both at home and abroad.

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History Of Nigeria's Situation

Briefly, Nigeria is a Union of ethnic nationalities grouped into three Regions (a fourth was later carved out) that agreed to be united politically prior to Independence in 1960, as long as certain conditions were met and kept. That Union terminated in 1966 when military coups overthrew the Federating Constitution. From that time, ethnic nationalities were kept in an arrangement and type of Union they never wanted through military might and Military Decrees.

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