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What Is NINAS?

NINAS is a Movement, a mass of peoples all united, and all seeking the same things.

NINAS stands for the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination and is the multi-ethnic Alliance of the indigenous peoples of the Middle Belt (part of the former Northern Region), the Yoruba (the former Western Region), and the Lower Niger (former Eastern and Mid-Western Regions).

To fully understand NINAS, we need to first talk about the Movement for New/No Nigeria (MNN), which was an Alliance comprising Self-Determination organizations of the Lower Niger Bloc, the Yoruba Bloc, and the Middle Belt Bloc. Although these organizations worked separately in their Blocs, they would meet and work together as the MNN Alliance. It is this MNN Alliance of Self-Determination organizations that birthed the NINAS Movement. The NINAS Movement is therefore an Alliance of the ordinary, indigenous PEOPLES of Lower Niger, Yoruba, and Middle Belt Blocs seeking Self-Determination for each ethnic nationality.

The NINAS Movement also comprises the constituent regional delegations representing the Lower Niger Bloc, the Yoruba Bloc, and the Middle Belt Bloc, being the collective of organizations that subscribe to, and that are driving the NINAS Strategy and Framework in each of their Blocs.

Our Purpose

To promote and foster self-determination for the indigenous peoples of the target area, also called the NINAS Alliance Territory.

What We Do

From 1999, the MNN Alliance (now the NINAS Movement) had identified the mechanisms that keep us enslaved: the imposed 1999 Constitution (a forgery) being chief amongst them. Our strategy is a non-violent, internationally acceptable method to remove those mechanisms. It means self-determination for each of the indigenous ethnic nationalities in our Alliance Territory.

Self-determination for each of the indigenous ethnic nationalities in our NINAS Territory represents independence, which will empower us to provide properly for ourselves and give our children the good and safe lives we desire for them.

Our Mission

The NINAS Movement is a firm and active commitment to creating and maintaining friendships, alliances, and productive unity among all the indigenous people of our Alliance Territory, both at home and abroad.

Our Goal

To decommission the illegitimate 1999 Constitution, which is the mechanism used by the minority to create a situation worse than Apartheid South Africa. Our strategy is by way of the ORDERLY PROCESS of Constitutional Force Majeure declared by NINAS in Lagos on 16th December 2020.

It involves working with current governance structures to start the transition process while ethnic nationalities exercise their sovereignties via Self-determination Regional Referendums.

Our destination is that where indigenous ethnic nationalities would be are able to peacefully and democratically decide what political arrangements they want and obtain valid, autochthonous Constitutions in a proper and honest way. At long last, indigenous peoples would be able to transition to new geographical and political arrangements chosen by “we the people”.

NOTE: For a historical context of the NINAS Movement and our Proclamation of Constitutional Force Majeure (CFM) (It is available in our “CONSTITUTIONAL DISPUTE” tab), please read the Notice of the CFM.

The NINAS Movement Timeline so far:

Graph timeline

Latest News

NINAS World Press Conferences

At the end of the expiry dates of the various stages of our Movement’s Strategy, we gave World Press Conferences as close as possible to those dates to inform and update our peoples plus the international community. The Notices of each World Press Conference can be found in our News tab, and their videos in the Media tab, under their different themes, as follows:

World Press Conference #1

Proclamation of Constitutional Force Majeure: Correcting The Mistake Of 1914 (December 16, 2020)
Notice Of Constitutional Grievances, Declaration Of Constitutional Force Majeure And Demand For Transitioning Process For An Orderly Reconfiguration Of The Constitutional Basis Of The Federation Of Nigeria.
(Being the Joint Proclamation of a Sovereignty Dispute by Accredited Delegates of Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities of the Southern and Middle Belt Territories of Nigeria, Issued This 16th Day of December 2020 in Lagos).

World Press Conference #2

Constitutional Force Majeure, Union Dispute And The Expiration Of The 90-Day Notice Of Grave Constitutional Grievances: Next-Steps For Trapped Ethnic Nations (March 17, 2021)

World Press Conference #3

NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure: Activating Peoples Power (April 17, 2021)

World Press Conference #4

Taking Back Our Sovereignty: A Declaration Of Victory Over The Fraud Of 1999 (August 17, 2021)

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