Answering all your questions
What is NINAS?
NINAS stands for Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination. NINAS is a movement, not an organization. We are a mass of people, united, and together in an Alliance, we seek self-determination for our peoples.
Where is the NINAS Alliance Territory?
NINAS Territory is in Nigeria, West Africa. It is the non-Sharia part of Nigeria. Thus, we are the Middle Belt Bloc, the Oodua Bloc (Yoruba), and the Lower Niger Bloc (South-South and South-East).
Who guides the NINAS Movement?
There are three self-determination organizations, one in each of the Blocs of the NINAS Territory that are custodians of the NINAS Strategy and guide the Movement. They are the Lower Niger Congress, Ilana Omo Oodua (Yoruba), and the Middle Belt Forum.
Is NINAS an armed resistance movement?

Certainly not! The NINAS Movement is a completely non-violent movement. We condemn violence of any kind from either state or non-state actors. NINAS declared a Constitutional Force Majeure on 16th December 2020 and from its Notice, plus our antecedents, we espouse non-violence. Our CFM is an ORDERLY PROCESS.

“The self-determination agitation shall be a bloodless, intellectually rooted, legally grounded one.” – This is an on-point description of NINAS!

What is the NINAS Movement’s Strategy?
The NINAS Movement’s Strategy targets the imposed 1999 Constitution of Nigeria, which is a known forgery that hijacks the self-determination of the indigenous ethnic nationalities of the NINAS Territory. The people did not make or agree to that 1999 Constitution. It has been Repudiated and is now going through the process of being Decommissioned by the Constitutional Force Majeure Proclaimed by NINAS on 16th December 2020.
What is the NINAS Movement’s Methodology?
The NINAS Movement is itself our methodology. We are a mass of peoples, united and organized, all seeking self-determination for our indigenous ethnic nations, following due process and non-violent, democratic principles.
What is the NINAS Movement’s Destination?
The NINAS Movement’s destination is full of self-determination for each indigenous ethnic nationality within our Territory on their ancestral land. They will then decide by NINAS Regional Referendums whether or not they want to recommit to the Union of Nigeria and what future they want for themselves.
What is the NINAS Movement’s task right now?
The NINAS Movement’s task targets the imposed and illegitimate 1999 Constitution of Nigeria, which is a known forgery. The life of that 1999 Constitution is renewed by a corrupt political class and electoral process using the past ignorance of the Nigerian populace to take it to elections. The winner of elections swears an Oath of Office to uphold that fraudulent 1999 Constitution over his/her people for four years, thereby renewing its life. The NINAS Movement is here to break that cycle of renewal. Our task is to compel all political parties in our Territory to CLOSE SHOP, even if temporarily, and Suspend preparations to general elections in 2023 so that we first have a transitioning process (Transitional Government) to correct this fraud and have NINAS Regional Referendums for ethnic nationalities to determine their future political arrangements.
We are a self-determination group. Can we partner with the NINAS Movement?

Every group within the NINAS Territory that shuns violence and fraudulent tactics is most welcome to key into the NINAS Movement. Please contact the self-determination organization for your Bloc, which you can find in our Organizations section.

NOTE: NINAS will not work with the violent street gang that claims to be doing “freedom fighting” and that goes by the name of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB). IPOB has been identified as a violent group causing concern in Nigeria, as stated in the influential American USCIRF Annual Report 2020 (page 27). Moreover, in May 2021, Ilana Omo Oodua (IOO, the organization in the Yoruba Bloc guiding the NINAS Movement) had to issue a Disclaimer against IPOB and its leader for fabricating news in their attempt to deceive the public. The Disclaimer was published in several national newspapers plus placed on IOO’s website under the title, “Ilana Omo Oodua Is Not In Any Working Relationship With Nnamdi Kanu And IPOB”.

I want to be part of the NINAS Movement. What can I do?
That is a great decision. The NINAS Movement is making good history! You can register to be a Volunteer and you can help with funding by Donating. Don’t forget to sign the NINAS Petition.
I am already a member of an organization that says it is seeking self-determination. Can I still join the NINAS Movement?
Yes, you can join the NINAS Movement! We are a peoples’ Movement. You can register to be a Volunteer if you like. We do, however, advise you to check that the organization you are with has ACTUALLY done any (real) work. There are several groups making unverifiable and untrue claims but use social media to drum up business for themselves after trying to copy the work done by an authentic self-determination organization.
Is the NINAS Movement only within Nigeria?
No. The NINAS Movement is not only within Nigeria. We are working worldwide through the Diaspora. We have had rallies in various major cities in Europe and America, most often by the Yoruba Bloc.
Is it only people from Nigeria who can join the NINAS Movement?
No. Anyone can join the NINAS Movement, not only people with a Nigerian heritage whether in Nigeria or the Diaspora. People from any part of the world who want to see justice and peace done in Nigeria can be part of our Movement as Volunteers, by helping with funding, or as Sponsors. Please contact us.
I want to join a NINAS Movement WhatsApp group. What should I do?
Please contact us by going through the self-determination organization for your Bloc. You can find them in our Organizations section of this website. They will then put you in a WhatsApp group.
What is the NINAS Petition for?
On 16th December 2020, NINAS Proclaimed a Constitutional Force Majeure (CFM) to say we want self-determination for our indigenous ethnic nationalities and that we would no longer tolerate the imposed and fraudulent 1999 Constitution that is against us. We could only allow about 150 people to sign it as Signatories because of space. Thousands, though, would have wanted to be Signatories. By signing the NINAS Petition, they have the chance to be like a Signatory. Please go to the Petition tab of this website for more information and sign the Petition.
Do you have other NINAS Movement websites?
Our only official websites are this one (NINAS Voice), plus we have a NINAS Movement Facebook page link:

If you need further assistance, you can send us a message.