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World Press Conference #3

NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure: Activating Peoples Power (April 17, 2021) CONSTITUTIONAL FORCE MAJEURE : ACTIVATING PEOPLE’S POWER (Being the Text of the Statement Presented at a World Press Conference by the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities...

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World Press Conference #2

Constitutional Force Majeure, Union Dispute And The Expiration Of The 90-Day Notice Of Grave Constitutional Grievances: Next-Steps For Trapped Ethnic Nations (March 17, 2021) CONSTITUTIONAL FORCE MAJEURE, UNION DISPUTE AND THE EXPIRATION OF THE...

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World Press Conference #1

Proclamation of Constitutional Force Majeure: Correcting The Mistake Of 1914 (December 16, 2020) Notice Of Constitutional Grievances, Declaration Of Constitutional Force Majeure And Demand For Transitioning Process For An Orderly Reconfiguration Of...

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