Africa Revolt, Nigeria And The Imperative Of Sovereignty Recovery

Africa Revolt, Nigeria And The Imperative Of Sovereignty Recovery.
Tony Nnadi, NINAS Secretariat
08 June 2024

As we watch the emancipation efforts sweeping across Africa in a fast-changing global political landscape, let us zoom-in on our immediate West African Sub-Region.  

As Nigeria continues in what seems a Free-Fall on all fronts and as young people from Nigeria, flee in large numbers and in all directions across the globe, questions are being asked and enquiries are being raised about why the Redemptive Efforts being witnessed across Francophone Countries of West Africa are not being replicated in Nigeria, which for decades, was expected to lead the charge in the inevitable emancipation of Africa from the Bondage and Vestiges of Colonialism and Neocolonialism. 

Tony Nnadi of NINAS, writes in response as follows: 

Coming from the Consequences of the Assimilation Colonization Policy of France (in contrast with the British Direct and Indirect Rule Colonization Policy in Nigeria) the Francophone Countries of West Africa are doing what they are doing now because they have substantially recovered their Sovereignty. 

In comparison with Nigeria, they were able to do so more successfully because they were all under the yoke of France, (of course with the usual local agents who get drafted to Power by France). They only needed to overcome those local agents of France to take charge of their space, toppling France, the Foreign Hegemon.

The case of Nigeria is a bit more complicated because the British found, established and comprehensively empowered a Resident Hegemon, the Invader Fulani, in a Joint Venture with Britain which excluded the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria (the Natives) only segments of whom were drafted as Willing-Tools, and together with the Fulani, forming a much more entrenched Local Agency of Britain, the Foreign Hegemon, but substantially disguising and almost concealing the superintendency of the Fulani in that Local Agency, all glued and reinforced by an Imposed Unitary Constitutional Arrangement, with a complex web of Stakeholdership and Settlement schemes that runs through the Federal Capital to the States, the Local Governments, to Wards/Communities, masquerading as a DEMOCRACY.

This disguise was further strengthened with a massive implant of debilitating divisions amongst the Natives such that there was no meaningful cooperation amongst the Victim-Natives as each Nationality was trained to hate and sabotage the others with a sophisticated web of false tales for why, all coordinated by Britain and its Local Agent. (See Nigeria: The Pyramid of Evil – ).

Nigeria was thus a very artificial entity all through the many decades of pretense at Independence, with no form of internal cohesion or bonding or sense of collective destiny amongst the Victim-Natives beyond empty declarations such as you find in the National Anthem and Pledge of Nigeria, along with all manners of misleading clichés such as “Nigeria is our only Country, we have no other”, “Nigeria’s Unity is Non-Negotiable”, “Nigeria First” and all such self-evident lies, including the nomenclature, Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

In all, beyond this web of carefully choreographed deceits, there is in reality, No Nigeria that genuinely commands the Allegiance and Loyalty of the Indigenous Peoples (Natives). Everything is sustained by an intricate interplay of Deceit, Force, Pretenses, Benefits, and Threats of Evil.

It is against this backdrop that it becomes clear that the most urgent task on our hands (the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria), is to recover our Sovereignty from these Internal Colonizers, (ie Hegemons, aided by Britain and its Western Allies), operating under the codename: Nigeria, but with an Enshackling Constitution which authorship is falsely credited to “We the Peoples of Nigeria”.

It is also self-evident that the key to that recovery of Sovereignty is to topple the Fraudulently Imposed Unitary Constitution by which we are Locked into, and ENSLAVED, in this Union of Death, Attrition and Backwardness.

This is the whole reason for the Joint-Jailbreak, (toppling the Unitary Constitutional Order) the Union Reconfiguration Designs, Campaign and Processes (Restoration of Sovereignty to the Natives to Rework their Political Existence or Coexistence in Unfettered Self-Determination) of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination ( NINAS ).

On the Continental Sphere, the NINAS Article Titled:  “Africa Revolt” ( ) points us to the nature of the Task ahead of all in the journey to Recovery of our long-suppressed Sovereignties by the Suzerainty of Foreign Hegemons.

Tony Nnadi, 
NINAS Secretariat, 
June 8, 2024

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