In an exchange on one of the NINAS Forums, someone wrote a comment suggesting that the Federal Government was ignoring NINAS and the Constitutional Force Majeure.

Someone else responded in counter, positing that far from ignoring NINAS, the Federal Government actually fear NINAS and has a long-term strategy to duel with NINAS.

He went on to outline what he perceived as this long term strategy and it all revolved all around permutations on the 2023 Elections in terms who will be in power and how the Strategic Game-plan of the Caliphate North sits in the overall calculus.

Tony Nnadi responded on behalf of the NINAS Secretariat as follows:

“Reading the Analysis and Prognosis that is premised on current events in Nigeria and partisan political permutations, one would ask the author what his understanding of what the LNC and its MNN Alliance Partners (now NINAS) set out to do with its 20-Year Plan deployed right after the imposition of the 1999 Constitution, is.

Was it to stop the 2023 Elections as insinuated in the analysis or is the analysis meant to replace Clear Strategy with Swinging Conjectures?

The analysis, as informed as it may seem, shows that the author has not read any of the Key Public Communications Documents of either the LNC, MNN or NINAS and so he does not understand what the whole LNC/NINAS Grand Script and Liberation Project is all about.

That is the most probable explanation for taking his analysis and projections on where things are or headed, with the NINAS Intervention, from the point of speculations around current events in Nigeria without any reference to the Grand Strategy Designs from which the NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure emerged and is being implemented.

This is very sad because it grossly misrepresents the LNC/NINAS Designs as some kind of ad-hoc plan-as-you-go intervention.

Anyone who reads even just the ALADIMMA EPISTLE of 2012 (addressed mainly to the Igbo and summarizing the entire Intervention Script after over 12 years of quiet works), will see the clear pathway to the Freedom Destination we seek.

The ALADIMMA EPISTLE of 2012 was widely circulated both online and published as an Advertorial in Nigeria’s National Dailies in 2012, and has been posted in this Forum repeatedly; and so it is not difficult to understand why anyone (especially Igbo) who has not read it, will have great difficulties grasping the fact that what the LNC and its Allies set out to do was to Dismantle the Fraud of 1999 and thus end the Mischief of 1914.

Some of the Key Milestones of the Project that are in the Public Domain and which anyone who is assessing the Progress and Prospects of the Intervention Script should be familiar include:

(1) The Resolutions and Draft Peoples’ Constitution from the Peoples’ Sovereign Conference of 2005-2006 Convened by PRONACO (which re-enacted and Reinforced the Aburi 1967 Consensus) was the first major outcome of that 20-Year Grand Plan;

(2) The 2007 and 2009 Suits Challenging the Legitimacy of the 1999 Constitution irreversibly set the 1999 Constitution on the path of its Demise;

(3) The MNN LAGOS DECLARATION of June 30, 2011 outlined the Processes by which the Unitary Union of Nigeria would be wound up and Reconfigured and Mandated the Regional Blocs in the Alliance to initiate their respective Self-Determination Processes within the Framework of the Grand Script, in readiness for eventual Regional Self-Determination Referendums.

(4) The Resolutions of Regional Solemn Assemblies of the Lower Niger, the Yoruba and the Middle Belt in 2015, 2017 and 2018 which Repudiated the Caliphate-Imposed and Fraudulent 1999 Constitution as basis of the Nigerian Union and which also rejected further National Elections Under that Constitution.

(5) Engagements with Key International Stakeholders (Countries and Institutions) in the same period, particularly the US and the UN between 2015 and 2017.

(6) In furtherance of the Resolutions of the aforementioned Regional Solemn Assemblies, the December 11, 2018 FREEDOM PARK PROCLAMATION by which the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS), raised a Union Dispute, listing Grave Constitutional Grievances and Placing a Five-Point Demand on the Table for the Resolution of the Union Dispute. The Five-Point Demand essentially provides a Time-bound Framework for the Orderly Decommissioning of the 1999 Constitution and the emergence of Fresh Constitutional Protocols premised upon the Sovereignty and Self-Determination Rights of theConstituent Components of the erstwhile Federation of Nigeria.

It is within the Context of that Time-bound Framework that the Demand for the immediate Deferment of Further National Elections in 2023 under the Repudiated 1999 Constitution, is situated.

(7) The implementation of the Constitutional Force Majeure is in progress, having gone through:
••A Period of 90-Day Notice to the Government of the Federation of Nigeria (December 16, 2020 – March 16, 2021);
••A 30-Day Period of Consultations with State Governors and other Elected Officials (March 17, 2021 – April 16, 2021);
•• A 120-Day Period of Consultations with the Peoples of the Alliance Territories and the International Community, (April 17, 2021 to August 16, 2021);

••The Million-Man Freedom March in New York (September 14, 2021 – September 24, 2021 during the 76th Session of the UN General Assembly.

The Implementation has gone from the phase of Sensitization to Mobilization and will proceed to the phase of the Enforcement of the Sovereign Will of the People.

From the foregoing, it is clear that amidst the permutations and shenanigans of the partisan political merchants of Nigeria, the LNC/NINAS Grand Intervention Process is Transcendental and will continue its push until it delivers it’s Stated Goals of Disentangling and Freeing the Trapped Constituent Components of the Defunct Federation of Nigeria from the Failed Lugardian Experiment of 1914.

Visit: www.ninasvoice.org

Tony Nnadi
NINAS Secretariat
November 1, 2021.

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