– Tony Nnadi, November 24, 2021

When the proprietors and promoters of Unitary Nigeria are done with the rigmarole of chasing after the agitations they tagged “SECESSIONIST” and “SEPARATIST”, they will dismount from their high horse, to soberly engage with the SELF-DETERMINATION issues emanating from the current Caliphate-Imposed Unitary Constitutional Order of Nigeria (1999) that has wrought grave constitutional grievances across the South and Middle-Belt of Nigeria, resulting in the UNION DISPUTE Declared December 16, 2020 by the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination, NINAS, via its Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation, raising a 5-Point Demand that provides a clear outline for the immediate undertaking of the inevitable fundamental reconfiguration of the damaged constitutional basis of Nigeria.

In the face of Section 10 of Nigeria’s Disputed 1999 Constitution which expressly forbids the adoption of State Religion by the Government of the Federation or of a State, the simultaneous adoption of Sharia by a 12-State Contiguous Territory in Year 2000, is clearly tantamount to SECESSION from the Secular Union Nigeria was agreed to be. This, in the view of the non-Sharia rest of Nigeria, (ie the South and Middle-Belt), translates to the exercise of the right to Self-Determination by the peoples of that Sharia Belt.

That rest of Nigeria, having repudiated the fraudulent Constitution of Nigeria 1999 by way of Regional Solemn Assemblies (2015-2018) and cooperating as the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS), have by the Joint Multi-Regional Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation of December 16, 2020, commenced the exercise of their own right to Self-Determination.

It is Self-Delusion and Self-Deception for the Caliphate Proprietors of Unitary Nigeria (One-Nigeria), to label as “SECESSION” and “SEPARATIST”, the self-redemption initiative by the rest of Nigeria from the stranglehold of Caliphate Internal Colonialism which Nigeria has become for them.

Bottomline is: The Union of Nigeria as Defined by the 1999 Constitution is at an end. Only Regional Self-Determination REFERENDUMS will dictate what the trapped constituent components of the defunct federation of Nigeria will do with their Sovereignties currently being retrieved from the ruins of the failed Lugardian Experiment of 1914.

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