NINAS Extraordinary Alerts Series No. 6 – Defining The Change We Seek: Personnel Or System (Parts 3 – 5)

NINAS Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination

NINAS Secretariat
25 June 2022

Here is NINAS, as always, concerned about the lives and welfare of indigenous peoples, with the last three video broadcasts of the NINAS Extraordinary Alerts Series No. 6.

NINAS Extraordinary Alerts Series No. 6 – Defining The Change We Seek: Personnel Or System (Parts 3 – 5)

Part-1 of these Series No.6 Addressed the Question of 2023, the rush for PVC and the Need to Define the Change we Seek. Part-2 Outlined NINAS’ Containment Strategy for the Fulani Invasion.
(Here is the link to Parts-1 & 2: )

In these Parts 3 to 5, we provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding the implementation of the Constitutional Force Majeure; the slave-spokesmen as a Concealment Strategy of the enemy for State institutions control machineries to hide behind by masking the truth that indigenous ethnic peoples are excluded from real power; as well as the British Parliamentary Debate on Nigeria following the Owo Church Terror Attack, reinforcing the totally discredited false narrative of farmers-herders clashes in place of the Federal Government-backed Fulani Terror Invasion.

(1) Part-3 of 5: NINAS Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Part-4 of 5: Slave-Spokesmen for Slave-master-Institutions: Enemy Tool of Concealment

(2) Part-5 of 5: Ondo State-Owo Terror Attack & British Parliamentary Debate on Nigeria: Reinforcing False Narratives

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