RE – “NADECO-USA”: A Note of Clarification and Caveat in Furtherance of an August 2022 Disclaimer by NADECO

RE – “NADECO-USA”: A Note of Clarification and Caveat in Furtherance of an August 2022 Disclaimer by NADECO
NINAS Secretariat
07 May 2023

This Note of Clarification and Caveat was issued in response to the following “NADECO-USA” event of 7 and 8 May 2023 advertised by their poster placed in the link here:

Pursuant to the August 2022 Disclaimer issued by NADECO’s Secretary, Ayo Opadokun (here is the link to that Disclaimer against the impostors masquerading as “NADECO-USA” ), this Note of Clarification and Caveat has become necessary in view of the enquiries coming to NINAS Secretariat regarding the activities of the so-called “NADECO-USA” especially in relation to the 2023 Presidential Election which NINAS counseled Nigeria against, advancing in place of  Elections 2023, the Union Reconfiguration Propositions of the December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation.

The purpose of this Caveat and Note of Clarification is to inform the general public that: NADECO is a rested platform and that the Democracy-seeking undertakings of NADECO had since 1999 been replaced by the Liberation Campaign of the successor entities namely PRONACO, MNN, and NINAS.

Let it be noted that the Defunct National Democratic Coalition, NADECO (1994-1999) which was formally wound up by its Conveners in 1999 upon the return to civil rule, was originally a Campaign for Democracy, but in the face of the Unitary Impositions of the 1999 Constitution, that Campaign for Democracy, was of necessity Transmuted to Campaign for Liberation mid-1999, weeks after the May 29, 1999 Inauguration of the Civilian Government. 

That new Campaign for Liberation was commenced under the aegis of the Pro-National Conference Organizations (PRONACO), which was Convened by the Conveners of the Defunct NADECO, including Chief Anthony Enahoro and R/Admiral Godwin Ndubuisi Kanu, with Prof Wole Soyinka of the defunct NALICON (and a long list of other Patriots).

At the Core of the PRONACO (2005-2006) Liberation Campaign was the Union Grand Reconfiguration Propositions of Chief Enahoro’s Movement for National Reformation, (MNR)  built around the Self-Determination Demands of the Constituent Ethnic Nationality Components of Nigeria. 

It was essentially a Campaign to Retrieve the Sovereignties of the Constituent Component Peoples of Nigeria, Hijacked since the 1914 Amalgamation and currently Confiscated under the Caliphate-imposed Unitary Constitution of Nigeria (1999).

With the Successful completion of the PRONACO Conference in 2006 and the Adoption of the Draft Peoples’ Constitution produced by that Conference in August 2006, PRONACO was formally wound up and an Implementation initiative known as Movement for New Nigeria (MNN) was deployed for the purpose of implementing the new Aburi-model Union Consensus distilled from the aforementioned PRONACO-convened Sovereign Conference of the Ethnic Nationalities of Nigeria (2005-2006). 

The first major undertaking of the MNN was to pursue the Orderly Termination of the Operation of the fraudulent “1999 Constitution” and that task was commenced by the institution of the 2007 and 2009 Court Suits challenging the LEGITIMACY of the 1999 Constitution in the Abuja and Lagos jurisdictions of the Federal High Court on grounds of Fraud and Forgery. 

The Main Relief sought by those Suits was for the winding up of the Operation of the 1999 Constitution and a Transitioning Process, which, subject to necessary modifications particularly Modalities, will be Modeled after the CODESA Transitioning Template by which South Africa eased itself out of the Apartheid Bind between 1990 and 1994.

The Main Plaintiffs in those Suits included Chief Anthony Enahoro, Chief C. C Onoh, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Prof Wole Soyinka, Prince Tanimose Bankole-Oki (SAN), Fred Agbeyegbe Esq., and Bishop Bolanle Gbonigi amongst others. 

The Onerous Task of Filing and Driving the Prosecution of those Suits in Court as Lead-Counsel fell on the shoulders of Tony Nnadi.

The Second Major Task of the MNN was:
(a) to shepherd the Indigenous Ethnic Nationalities of Nigeria through the Processes of Formally Repudiating Nigeria’s Unitary Constitution by way of Regional Solemn Assemblies;

(b) guiding the Nationalities through the processes of working out the formations [i.e. blocs] in which they would retrieve their Sovereignties from the Defunct Federation of Nigeria, and

(c) guiding the Nationalities through the processes of forging Post-Unitary Nigeria Constitutional Protocols via processes dictated by the SELF-DETERMINATION imperative for each Nationality. 

The success of the MNN in these tasks resulted in the 2018 Emergence of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS) which is the Implementation of the MNN Outcomes.

It is noteworthy that the Conveners of NADECO, also Convened both PRONACO and the MNN which in turn birthed the NINAS that is now enforcing the outcome of the over two decades processes that created a Consensus against Nigeria’s Unitary Constitutional Order (1999) and a Consensus of the Non-Caliphate Rest of Nigeria against the Caliphate Enforcers of Unitary Nigeria (i.e., the Caliphate Conquest Agenda).

In closing and for the avoidance of doubt, the dubious Democracy-Under-Apartheid-Constitution” Campaign of the impostor “NADECO-USA” is at cross-purposes with the Liberation-And-Retrieval-of-Sovereignty Campaign of NINAS which is the current custodian of the Grand Union Reconfiguration Vision of the Conveners of the Original NADECO which was wound up since 1999. 

I write not only as Co-Convener of NINAS but as a witness to the entire process from 1994 to date and more particularly, from 1999 when I had the privilege of becoming a part of the Task-Team that Re-engineered the NADECO Undertaking from a Campaign for Democracy to a Campaign for Liberation, when in 1999, the 1979 Constitution was Fraudulently re-imposed by Abdusalam Abubakar’s Decree No.24 of 1999 as Basis the Nigerian Union and its so-called “Democracy”.

Tony Nnadi 
NINAS Secretariat,
May 7, 2023.

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