*SPECIAL NINAS BULLETIN* September 18, 2021.

September 18, 2021

(1) NINAS Secretariat Congratulates all who had in any way contributed to the staging and success of the Ongoing March at the UN Headquarters in New York. We particularly thank our Yoruba Compatriots for leading the charge most spectacularly even in the face of all difficulties and misunderstandings.

(2) Looking back at some of the issues that had caused friction in March so far, it has become necessary to explain to our People that the Strategic Objective of the March is to impress it upon the Global Community that Nigerian Union has Collapsed on account of an irreconcilable clash of civilizations and that the Owners of Nigeria (Indigenous Peoples) in the South and Middle Belt, now seek urgent extrication from the Union of Death that Nigeria has become for them due to Fulani Caliphate’s Ethnic Cleansing Onslaught cloaked in Sharia, being unleashed on the Non-Caliphate rest of Nigeria, enabled by the Caliphate-Imposed Constitution of Nigeria (1999).

(3) The Key to the Freedom Destination (ie the Recovery of our Respective Sovereignties), we seek whether as Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw, Tiv, Ogoni, Bini, or other Nationalities, is in taking Down that 1999 Constitution to end the Toxic Union it Foists on us and therefore free us from the Bondage and Liability Nigeria has become for us.

(4) The Key to Taking Down the 1999 Constitution is in acting together as an Alliance of all minus the Sharia Belt as none of us can unilaterally throw off the yoke of the humongous British-made, Man-Eating Caliphate Monster operating in our Spaces under the Code-Name, “Nigeria”. 

(5) *The Question of the Formations in which we will step into our Freedom and Independence as Sovereign Nations is in the second layer and therefore after the IMMEDIATE and urgent imperative of charging our way out of the Caliphate Prison called Nigeria in a Joint Jailbreak.* 

(6) NINAS is the Joint Multi-Regional Initiative for meaningfully prosecuting this Joint Jailbreak while REFERENDUMS and Plebiscites will be used to settle the Formations in which we will be entering future Constitutional Protocols amongst ourselves or with others. 

(7) We must note that Nigeria has over 250 Ethnolinguistic Groups each of which has the Right to Self-Determination. The Yoruba and the Igbo are just two out of these over 250 Ethnolinguistic Groups and so if we do not carefully craft our Message and Demands, the International Community particularly the UN will be faced with the impossible task of having to create over 250 Countries to resolve the Urgent Situation Nigerians now want to be resolved for them especially via an Orderly Process *which begins with a Transitioning to end Unitary Nigeria and then Referendums to midwife successor-state entities*

It is in this Regard that Visioners and Drivers of NINAS had to Draw up a 20-Year Strategic Plan deployed since 1999 to distill the viable formations in which we can defeat the common enemy (ie Caliphate and its 1999 Constitution), and in which we can approach the International Community for the necessary interventions. 

(8) The NINAS Alliance Map above puts a handle on the situation for the International Community because the intervention will be basically to draw the line between us (NINAS Alliance Territory) and our Tormentors (the Sharia Bloc). 

(9) The 3-Bloc Delineation in the NINAS Map marks out the Yoruba Bloc, the Lower Niger Bloc, and the Middle-Belt Bloc. (There is for each NINAS Bloc, a Coordinating Organization aggregating the efforts/initiatives/platforms of each Bloc)

While the Yoruba is a Homogeneous Mono-linguistic group, (for the subject at hand) the Lower Niger and the Middle-Belt are Heterogeneous and Multi-Linguistic Groups and so arrangements were put in place to first create internal Cohesion within those two Multi-Linguistic Blocs (Lower Niger and Middle Belt), in a process that respects the SOVEREIGNTY and Inalienable Self-Determination Rights of each of the Constituent Component Nationalities of these two Blocs, big or small. 

(10) The Internal Arrangements for Cohesion in each of the two Heterogeneous Blocs would be encapsulated in a *CHARTER OF RELATIONSHIPS* that would form the basis of Federating for the Peoples of each of those two Blocs. 

(11) It is in the context of this need to FULLY respect the Sovereignty and Self-Determination Rights of each of the Nationalities in the Multi-Linguistic Blocs that the Lower Niger Congress decided from the onset, to completely avoid the Campaign Name-Tag of “Biafra” as that name makes it impossible to put a Map to the entire discussion because those in the Eastern Region of 1967 who rejected the Biafra of 1967, (ie the Niger Delta or South-South) are immediately alienated and even infuriated, by what they perceive (and rightly so) as an Igbo-Owned Biafra especially as being pursued by Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB. This is a recipe for irreconcilable strife in the Eastern Half of Southern Nigeria and a guarantee for Failure of the entire NINAS undertaking. 

This situation is compounded by the fact that Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB who were invited in 2013 into this Clear 8-Point Strategic Plan to extricate ourselves, rejected the Plan in its totality and for seven straight years, went about doing the exact opposite of what the Freedom Project requires for Success. Matters got much worse when the IPOB transformed itself into ESN and its further mutation into the Unknown Gunmen, add justifying the terror tag hung on IPOB by the Federal Government of Nigeria since 2017.

(12) Let us note that NINAS did not suddenly drop from the sky in 2020 or 2021. NINAS is the culmination of a 20-Year Process driven by several Regional Self-Determination Initiatives within a Clear-Cut Strategy Paradigm that Clinically Dismantles the Failed Lugardian Experiment of 1914 (now being operated under the imprimatur of the Fraud of 1999) to Free the Trapped Constituent Components. 

May we, therefore, appeal to all our Alliance Partners to understand the delicate and dangerous nature of the Battlefield we are caught in, the violent disposition of the enemy we are up against, and the need to work within the confines of the Strategy Designs of the NINAS Undertaking.

Thank you for your understanding. Together we March. Together we win.

Tony Nnadi 

NINAS Secretariat 

September 18, 2021.

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