The 2023 Presidential Election Has Come To Grief; The 1999 Constitution Must Now Cease To Be The Basis Of Union Or Governance And Nigeria Must Get Into Transitioning For Union Reconfiguration

NINAS Secretariat,
21 May 2023

For the avoidance of doubt, the Campaign of NINAS is for the immediate Wholesale Jettisoning and Decommissioning of the Unitary Constitution of Nigeria via a Transitioning Arrangement for Union Reconfiguration. The Defeat of the 1999 Constitution translates the immediate, to End-Of-Union and necessitates therefore, a Union Renegotiation Process which will proceed to Union Reconfiguration and Union Reconstruction within the paradigm of Self-Determination Imperative for the Constituent Components of the Defunct Federation of Nigeria.

This Reconfiguration can result in a Proper Federation, a Confederation, or Units of Independent Sovereign States depending on the preferences made by way of Referendums and Plebiscites in the Transitioning Period.

The Default, (ie. in the absence of finding common ground) is that unilateral Self-Determination actions will proceed at full speed amongst and between the Peoples of the NINAS Alliance Territories.

It was in furtherance of this Campaign that NINAS Declared a Constitutional Force Majeure on December 16, 2020, presenting the country with a Five-Point Proposition for the Orderly Resolution of the Union Dispute arising from Decades of Grave Constitutional Grievances that cut across the Constituent Component Regions of Nigeria.

One of the Five Points of the Proposition was for the Deferment of further National Elections under the Disputed 1999 Constitution so that the Union Reconfiguration is first undertaken.

Goaded on by the Caliphate and their British Sponsors, political merchants from the Alliance Territories railroaded Nigeria to the 2023 General Elections, which have now ended in irreconcilable controversy, heading unstoppably to a dangerous Constitutional Logjam, occasioned by the very factors cited by the NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation as the reason for prescribing the suspension of all further National Elections under the 1999 Constitution, including the Known Ethno-Religious Fault-Lines of the Nigerian Union, the Grave Constitutional Grievances of the Constituent Components as well as the Over-Centralized Control of all things by the Imposed Unitary Constitution of Nigeria.

As anger spreads and chaos threatens, NINAS is of the firm view that Nigeria has by default, arrived at that point where it must get into a Transitioning for Union Reconfiguration, using the NINAS Template, as a mechanism for redirecting the affairs of the Victims of the Failed Lugardian Experiment of 1914 the World calls “Nigeria”.

NINAS stands by to guide how all these would be undertaken, step-by-step, start-to-finish.

The NINAS Post-Elections Broadcasts of May 20, 2023, provide an overview of how Nigeria and Nigerians can Navigate to safety from the looming catastrophe emanating from the Botched 2023 Presidential Election.

NINAS Secretariat, May 21, 2023

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