October 5, 2019 – USA

(Being a Presentation by the Secretary-General of the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) Tony Nnadi to the Organization of Nigerian Nationals (OON), October 5, 2019 in Dallas, Texas).


I consider it an honor to be invited to address this gathering of accomplished Nigerians in the United States at a time Nigeria is at crossroads and answers are being sought by its Constituent Components, as well as the global community (including the United States), all concerned about the prospects and consequences of what progressively appears to be the inevitable unravelling of the Nigerian Federation.

As the peoples of various Regional Blocs that make up Nigeria continue their search for answers to what is now a distressed Federation, the Lower Niger Congress (LNC), is an aggregation of the Self-Determination initiatives in the Eastern half of Southern Nigeria (comprising of the old Eastern and Midwestern Regions of Nigeria today known as the “South-East” and “South-South” geopolitical Zones), that has saddled itself with the task of building the critically required internal Cohesion amongst the Nationalities of the Lower Niger with a view to working out a future of shared values and vision.

The LNC also has an Outreach called the Movement for New Nigeria, (MNN) by which it cooperates with similar Self-Determination initiatives in the Middle Belt and the Yoruba Blocs in an Alliance that rejects the simultaneous imposition of Sharia by 12 contiguous States of the far north of Nigeria, and which also rejects the Caliphate-imposed, totally unworkable Unitary Constitution (1999) as the basis of Nigeria. (See the Maps showing the MNN alliance formations as well as the Lower Niger Territory).

The MNN Alliance is therefore the aggregation of the South and the Middle Belt of Nigeria, working in the formation of three internally cohesive Blocs and together pressing for the jettisoning of the imposed unitary Constitutional Order of Nigeria and the emergence of Fresh Protocols that would either restore Nigeria to its Federal basis or Restore to the Constituent Component Blocs, their Sovereignties currently usurped by the unitary Nigerian State, in an orderly process that will be determined by REFERENDUMS.

It is pertinent to note that the MNN Alliance interprets the said simultaneous imposition of Sharia in 12 Contiguous States of the far north as a SECESSION of the Sharia Caliphate territory from the Secular Constitutional Union of Nigeria as well as the Unilateral exercise of the right to Self-Determination by the peoples of that Sharia Territory who incidentally, also embrace the Feudalistic world view that all men are not born equal and so they are born to rule over others in the Union.

The Alliance further holds that Sharia and Feudalism are both mutually exclusive with Democracy and Constitutionalism and so renders impossible the idea of Nigeria being One Political Union, since the adherents of Sharia owe it a duty of faith to kill the non-adherents whom they call “Infidels” and since no one will subscribe to the Apartheid-like Union of Masters and Servants which Nigeria has become under the Caliphate-imposed 1999 Constitution.

In comparison with the various Agitations raging in various parts of Nigeria, like the Niger Delta Agitation, the OPC Agitation in Yorubaland, the “Biafra” Separatist Agitation et cetera, the LNC and its MNN Alliance Partners offer an orderly Process to all, for the peaceful resolution of what has obviously become the Disputed “Federation of Nigeria”.

It is also pertinent to note that the LNC and its MNN Alliance Partners are in direct strategic engagements with the international stakeholder-community on Nigeria, particularly the US and the UN, in the quest for finding a viable solution to the Distressed Nigerian Federation.

The recent manifestations of these engagements include the June/July 2019 IRF Ministerial Roundtables in Washington DC where I had the privilege of leading the LNC Presentations at both the Nigeria-specific events at the US Congress and the State Department segments of the Global Roundtables.
Concerning Nigeria, the outcome of those Washington Roundtables is the damning verdict by the US, of a Fulani Ethnic Cleansing Campaign against the Indigenous Nationalities of Nigeria.

This was closely followed by the August 2019 UN Special Rapporteur’s even more damning description of Nigeria’s constitutional arrangements as “A pressure-cooker for injustice”.

Between these two monumental developments, a handle has now been put on the erstwhile seemingly intractable problems of Nigeria and I am glad to inform you that the trigger for these massive interventions by both the US and UN, was the January 17, 2019 Presentation of the LNC at an Emergency Press Conference on Nigeria at the National Press Club in Washington DC.
The LNC is therefore at the core of how these Strategic Interventions are being advanced.

You may have heard about the LNC Town Halls across various States of the United States (including Texas, New York, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Georgia, California, Maryland) where we shared with our US Diaspora, the LNC-MNN Grand Proposals and Roadmap for the inevitable reconfiguration of the constitutional basis of the Distressed Federation of Nigeria. (Some video clips are available).

I can report to you that important decisions on Nigeria are currently being processed by the US and the UN on the basis of the aforementioned Propositions of the LNC and the main purpose for coming to address you today is to acquaint you with these important developments, and to solicit your support as the Diaspora of that Distressed Nigerian Federation, especially in the areas of Facilitation, Resource Mobilization and information dissemination amongst the Nigerian Diaspora, who seem largely unaware of these Strategic Engagements as well as engaging the Senators and Congressman in the various States across the US where you reside, with a view to helping secure their support for the Remediation Actions now being processed for Nigeria and the West African Sub-Region by the International Stakeholder-Community.

Specific follow-up steps are required to help crystallize the aforementioned intervention actions that are already pencilled down for Nigeria and the wider West African Sub-Region in furtherance of the said engagements and that is where the support we seek from our US Diaspora become even more urgent, as the belligerent and murderous Fulani invaders continue their Ethnic Cleansing Campaign in open collaboration with ISIS which now operates in the Sub-Region as ISIS West Africa Province (ISWAP).

It is a fact of history that the Federation of Nigeria collapsed in 1966 when the five Constitutions that defined it got toppled and jettisoned by the Military incursion into Nigeria’s Political space.

It is also a fact of history that the attempt to resuscitate the Union at the Aburi Sovereign Conference of January 1967, was truncated shortly after the Parties returned to Nigeria with an Accord from Ghana, and that it took a brutal War of Genocide between 1967-1970, to force the then break-away Biafra (Eastern Nigeria) back into the Nigerian Union.

It is yet another fact of history that the triumphant side in that Nigeria-Biafra War of 1967-1970 imposed what was essentially a Unitarist Victory Charter as the “Constitution of Nigeria” in 1979, which it carried forward 20 years after, labelling same “the 1999 Constitution” that has left the wobbling Nigerian Union, an inverted Federation.

This unworkable constitutional arrangement has bred a totally dysfunctional Country manifesting every known debility of a failed State. Disputations amongst the entrapped Constituent Components of the distressed Nigerian Union had taken many twists and turns, precipitating what seems a vaguely understood consensus that goes by the tag “Restructuring”, in which all agree that Nigeria must somehow find a way to bring back its departed Federal soul, lest it goes to internment.

Where we are at now is that “the Federation of Nigeria” as defined by “the 1999 Constitution” has collapsed under the weight of its own fraudulence and the Fulani are on a frantic campaign to forcefully and violently take over and Colonize the entire Nigerian Territory, hiding under the banner of Democracy and Constitutionalism before the Global Community, but ferociously sweeping Southwards with their heavily armed Fulani Militia, which they present as “Herdsmen” with a carefully choreographed but utterly false narrative of routine “Farmers-Herdsmen Clashes”.

With the aforementioned July 2019 US Pronouncement on the subject (Fulani Ethnic Cleansing Campaign ) and the UN Special Rapporteur’s August 2019 verdict of pressure-cooker constitutional order, answers have been found for the two monsters of the Caliphate Invaders and the Caliphate-Imposed Constitution of Death, Attrition and Backwardness, placing in our hands, the keys to open the gates and escape from of the Caliphate Prison we are currently trapped in.

Thank you for your attention.

Tony Nnadi
Lower Niger Congress
October 5, 2019

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