A NINAS Memo To All Who Lament The Outcome Of Nigeria’s 2023 Presidential Election And Who Mourn The Future Of A Failed Union

A NINAS Memo To All Who Lament The Outcome Of Nigeria’s 2023 Presidential Election And Who Mourn The Future Of A Failed Union
Tony Nnadi
06 April 2023

”Nigeria’s crooked Unitary Constitution mandates crooked Elections with even more crooked Outcomes. The first blame for all of what has gone wrong must therefore go to those who obdurately embraced Elections under the crooked Constitution because this means embracing the crooked outcomes that go with both that crooked Constitution and crooked Elections. It is simply dishonest to expect a straight outcome from a crooked process mandated by a crooked instrument. Simple cause-effect analysis” – Tony Nnadi, April 1, 2023

Nigeria’s imposed Unitary Constitution (1999), guarantees Mass Killings, Mass Impoverishment, Grand Corruption, Crass Impunity, Grand Expropriation, Infrastructural Decay, Gross Inequity, and Inequality, Heinous Electoral Heist, and a long list of other monumental evils.

Under the Constitution, Nigeria is simply a Union of Death, Bondage, Attrition, and Backwardness, reinforced by quadrennial Elections in which winners must swear to, and govern by that Constitution.

Under that fraudulent Constitution, Nigeria is a Criminal Enterprise and so all who subscribe to the constitution and the Elections mandated by the Constitution are participants and accomplices in the Criminal Enterprise, be they Political Parties, Candidates, Voters, or even Observers and this is so, whether they are driven by Dishonesty, Ignorance or Indifference to the plight of the People of Nigeria, currently trapped in the failed, toxic Lugardian Experiment of 1914.

If at a time strategic and painstaking efforts are being made to Take Down that Constitution, we choose to ignore those efforts and rather plunge into Elections mandated by that Constitution, then perhaps we truly deserve the outcomes we see, beginning with the electoral robbery we have just witnessed as well as the killings that have already resumed, the mass impoverishment and other debilitations that are being deliberately orchestrated and compounded by the Proprietors of Unitary Nigeria is imposed and defined by Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution.

We can pretend we do not know about the Conquest Agenda of those who imposed that Unitary Constitution since 1979 as the Victory Charter from the Genocidal War of 1967-1970.

We can pretend that we do not know that the fraudulent Unitary Constitution of Nigeria is directly responsible for the Killings, Insecurity, Corruption, Impunity, Infrastructural Decay, Mass Poverty, and hopelessness we see all across Nigeria.

We can pretend that we do not know that no Peace that has eluded Nigeria for decades is being built on the foundation of injustice represented by Nigeria’s Unitary Constitution.

We can pretend we have a Democracy when our Government is neither OF the People, BY the People nor FOR the People since Nigeria’s Constitution is not OF the People, neither is Nigeria’s governance mandated BY the vote of the People nor are the benefits of governance FOR the People.

We can pretend that Nigeria under the worse-than-Apartheid, master-servant Constitution, is operating under the Rule of Law.

We can pretend not to know that the mass exodus of Nigerians from their country into economic exile overseas, (especially professionals and particularly, those from the Eastern half of Southern Nigeria), is a result of the scorched-earth policies of Nigeria, mandated by Nigeria’s Unitary Constitutional Order.

We could in our Ignorance or Dishonesty, choose to raise a global hue and cry about the outcome of Nigeria’s 2023 Presidential Election whilst saying nothing about the Constitution that mandates grand evil and doing nothing about the Caliphate Conquest Agenda, even when we were warned repeatedly by NINAS that the 2023 Election was a Strategic Decoy of the Caliphate to drive their Conquest Agenda (here is the link to April 27, 2022, NINAS Alert Broadcast on the subject:

In considering what viable options of Redemption are still available, may we invite all to review the March 2023 NINAS Broadcast in the immediate aftermath of the botched 2023 Elections; (here is the link: https://youtu.be/liujmPMHJiA). For a better grasp of the nature of the War we are currently caught in, and what we need to do fast, the NINAS Broadcast of April 28, 2022, titled: “Retake Your Sovereignty or Fulani Invaders will Grab it for Themselves” will be a guide.

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