A Note Of Caution Regarding Fidelity To Joint Jailbreak Designs

NINAS Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination

A Note Of Caution Regarding Fidelity To Joint Jailbreak Designs
NINAS Secretariat
12 August 2022

There is a 20-year Strategic Plan that was drawn up and deployed since 1999 to be in two compartments in which, in the first compartment, a Three-Bloc Alliance of all who seek escape from the Caliphate Prison called Nigeria act together to enact a Joint Jailbreak, having first Isolated and incapacitated the enemy (Caliphate) and its chief-instrument, (Constitution); having also sorted out the International imperatives.

AND In the second compartment, each of those three Blocs in the Alliance which would have worked out Clear Mechanisms for internal cohesion and Self-Defence Capabilities in their respective Blocs (Constitutions/Charters of Relationships depending on whether mono-ethnic or multi-ethnic) in readiness for Fresh Protocols to be ratified by REFERENDUMS and PLEBISCITES.

That 20-year Strategic Plan deployed since 1999 has be substantially executed and successfully too, bringing matters to where the Joint Jailbreak designs was unveiled December 16, 2020 in a Union Dispute Declared by that 3-Bloc Alliance.

That Alliance is NINAS. The three Blocs are: Yorubaland, Lower Niger Territory and the Middle-Belt.

Riding on the crest of the SUCCESSES of that Strategic Plan and that Alliance, it will be a deliberate departure from the Grand Designs of the Strategic Plan for one Bloc to hop out prematurely in a solo move in the pretense that it is executing its own autonomous plan or strategy, with nothing to do with Alliance.

That is exactly what this unsigned announcement from the Yoruba flank [reported in Sahara Reporters of 12 August 2022 under the title, Prof Akintoye Writes Buhari, Says Yoruba People Want To Officially Leave Nigeria Over ‘Killings By State-sponsored Fulani Militias, Others’] portrays and it could introduce its own dangerous complications both for the immediate Bloc (Yorubaland) and for the rest of the Alliance.

NINAS of course expects each of the Alliance Blocs to activate its own Terminal Designs within the aforementioned Grand Plan and not in the manner that opens a flank for the enemy to throw spanners into the works, just because a few people seek to present themselves to their people as having reinvented the wheel.

Managing the Terminal Phase of our already successful Joint Jailbreak requires a good measure of fidelity to the Original Plan as an unjustified radical departure could produce a radically different outcome.

Let us please be guided.

NINAS Secretariat.
August 12, 2022.


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