El-Rufai Blows The Lid On Caliphate Conquest Designs

Transcript (portion) of Governor El-Rufai’s words during an interview on 17 February 2023, TV360 Nigeria titled, “Currency Swap: Gov. El-Rufai counters President Buhari’s Order”.

“It is now clear that the President has been deceived by the Central Bank of Nigeria and some elements in his government into buying into this overarching narrative in the name of ensuring free and fair elections in 2023. They also sought to achieve any one or more of the following objectives:

Number one: to create a nationwide shortage of cash so that citizens are incited to vote against APC candidates across the board, resulting in massive losses for the party in all the elections.

Number two: ensure that the cash crunch is so serious along with the contrived and enduring fuel shortage existing since September 2022 that the 2023 elections do not hold at all, leading to an interim national government to be led by a retired Army General.


Number three: sustain the climate of shortage of fuel, food, and other necessities leading to mass protests, violence, and breakdown of Law and Order, which will provide a fertile foundation for a military takeover.

In the pursuit of these objectives, the Central Bank of Nigeria and these other disgruntled Federal officials have so far convinced the President that it is fine for ordinary citizens to be dispossessed of their hard-earned money.” – Governor El-Rufai

When NINAS raised loud alarms about Caliphate Plans A, B & C (Conquest by Invasion, Imposition of Martial Law & Electoral Heist by Manipulation of Electoral Infrastructure), many did not grasp what was being said.

Now in the throes of exasperation, Nasir El-Rufai who is in the inner workings of the Caliphate Aggression Think-Tank spills the beans on those three-winged Caliphate Plans.

As indicated by NINAS across the last two years (ie throughout 2021 and 2022 as the Constitutional Force Majeure implementation advanced towards Enforcement), No Election was planned for 2023 by the Caliphate proprietors of Unitary Nigeria. That is what El-Rufai has now confirmed even if unwittingly.

As the 2023 Electoral Round comes to grief, those who wish to understand the unfurling trajectory of events in Nigeria as silhouetted by El-Rufai should get on YouTube and view the two broadcasts of NINAS on the subject titled:

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