Mixing Truths And Falsehoods To Create A Narrative: A Commentary On The Video Clip Titled “Unveiling Neocolonialism: The Hidden Chains Of Nigeria”

Tony Nnadi, NINAS Secretariat
13 February 2024

The Grains of Truth contained in this clip below are mixed with large doses of falsehoods by way of omissions, and this sets up a misleading narrative.

Unveiling Neocolonialism: The Hidden Chains Of Nigeria

Ignorance could be a part of the problem, but there seems to be a motive for muddling things up. That motive seems to be the deflection of attention from the central issue of the Caliphate Conquest Agenda in the service of the British-Controlled Joint Venture called “Nigeria”.

Yes, from the partitioning of Africa at the Berlin Conferences of 1884-1885, Britain and its Western Allies have been holding their African possessions (Countries) by the jugular. The complex mechanism by which Britain maintains its stranglehold on Nigeria includes the Joint Venture with the Fulani Caliphate, the Imposed Unitary Constitutional Arrangements, and the Alliance of 1967, by which the System Permanently Enforces its Designs against possible opposition. The Fulani Conquest Agenda situates itself in the inner workings of this complex British-Controlled System.

The two NINAS Broadcasts titled:

“Nigeria: The Pyramid of Evil” and “Nigeria’s Unitary Constitution: Product of the North & South-West Alliance of 1967”

respectively, speak to these issues.

The attempt made in this video clip to gloss over these undergirding and overarching control mechanisms is a mixture of Falsehoods and Truths to set up a misleading narrative.

The complete concealment of the Fulani Role in the British Stranglehold over Nigeria serves the interests of One-Nigeria, which is the Caliphate-Owned and Caliphate-Controlled Unitary Nigeria defined by the current Constitution of Nigeria (1999).

The NINAS Union Reconfiguration Propositions target the complete Unraveling and wholesale Dismantling of these Colonial and Neocolonial Structures. Those who genuinely seek an end to the Neo-Colonial Structures should by now be in the NINAS Action Framework as Lamentations will not solve the problems, neither will the incomplete tale of what truly transpired aid the Task of Liberation.

Tony Nnadi.
NINAS Secretariat.
February 13, 2024.

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