Nigeria Must Now Swiftly Dispose Of The Remains Of The Dead 1999 Constitution By Way Of An Immediate Transitioning Arrangement, Otherwise, The Decaying Carcass Of That Constitution Will Trigger Regional Social And Political Epidemics

Tony Nnadi, NINAS Secretariat
15 February 2024


After 24 years of intensive onslaught against the Monstrous Constitution of Nigeria (1999), it is now past debate that the Constitution has been defeated and is now on its deathbed, awaiting interment.

It is also past debate that if that interment is not swiftly carried out, the toxic remains of that Constitution, which is already emitting massive doses of noxious substances now being perceived as system failure, will trigger a major political and social upheaval in the West African sub-region and beyond with widespread implications for the global community.

Those who did not understand that the union of Nigeria is CURRENTLY erected upon the Rickety Foundation of that Constitution and that the atrocious, unworkable unitary terms of the dying union are imposed and maintained by that Constitution must now be wondering why the greatly endowed Nigeria is in free fall on fronts, unraveling like a pack of cards and dragging a population of over 220 million people into the pit of damnation.

This urgent note of direction is to invite the trapped passengers of the sinking ship we call ‘Nigeria’ to embrace the redemptive pathway offered by the NINAS Union Reconfiguration Proposition.

The action required of the peoples of Nigeria to activate this redemption is to loudly proclaim their rejection of Nigeria’s Fraudulent Unitary Constitution (1999) and to demand the initiation of an IMMEDIATE transitioning process for union reconfiguration as outlined in the NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure.

With the defeat and DELEGITIMIZATION of the Fraudulent 1999 Constitution, and with the unwavering push towards the immediate DECOMMISSIONING of that Constitution, it is self-evident that desperation has set in at the National Assembly and in Abuja, and so more egregious blunders are being committed by the Obdurate Enforcers of Unitary Nigeria.

Ours is to maintain the chokehold on that Constitution whilst holding its enforcers in the pinfall the NINAS Alliance currently has them in.

As the executive flounders from one disastrous policy gambit to another, the National Assembly is throwing up all manners of dubious Constitution amendment propositions at a time when the resolution of the Nigerian Union Dispute requires the wholesale decommissioning of the Fraudulent Constitution of Nigeria and Union Reset.

Let it be noted that even if the President and the 36 governors agree with all the 469 members of the National Assembly, that will not translate to the constituent powers required to rework the damaged Constitutional basis of Nigeria. Those powers vest EXCLUSIVELY in the constituent peoples of Nigeria as an incident of their sovereignty.

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