NINAS Extraordinary Alerts Series No. 7: Directions For Action – Part 5 of 5

NINAS Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination

NINAS Extraordinary Alerts Series No. 7: Directions For Action 
Part 5 of 5 – Water Resources Bill Is RUGA In Disguise: A NINAS Countermand
NINAS, 17 July 2022

As was the case with the RUGA-Bill-In-Disguise Constitution Amendment Bill titled: “Local Government Autonomy  Bill” which was shot down by NINAS, this Part 5 of 5 of the NINAS Extraordinary Alerts Series, issues Specific Instructions by which the recently reintroduced Fulani land grab scheme dressed up as: “National Water Resources Bill” shall be Shot Down. 

At a time the noise of 2023 Elections is distracting everyone from the Existential Threats they are caught in, Renegade political merchants from the South and Middle-Belt are aiding Caliphate pointsmen in the National Assembly to railroad the passage of the so-called ‘National  Water Resources Bill’ by which the Fulani, masquerading as “Federal Government of Nigeria” seeks to hijack all bodies of water in Nigeria, along with all lands in the banks of the rivers and other bodies of water, in the pretense of responding to ‘Climate Change’ and ‘the need to preserve Nigeria’s Water Resources’, (same way as Climate Change was cited as the reason for the farmers-herders false narrative erected to conceal the Fulani Conquest invasion and land grab against the indigenous peoples of Nigeria).

NINAS requests that this Broadcast Part 5 of 5, (as well as the preceding Parts 1-4) be widely disseminated to awaken our people, not only to the approaching dangers but also to play their roles in the Remediation Strategies already Deployed.

Part 5 of 5 – Water Resources Bill is RUGA in Disguise: A NINAS Countermand

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