NINAS No-Further-National-Elections-Under-1999-Constitution Versus Political Parties Push To 2023 Elections: Notes Of Clarifications


NINAS No-Further-National-Elections-Under-1999-Constitution Versus Political Parties Push To 2023 Elections: Notes Of Clarifications

NINAS Secretariat
28 September 2022
Since the emergence of presidential candidates for Nigeria’s 2023 Elections, the Secretariat of NINAS has been inundated with enquiries and requests for all kinds of collaboration from promoters, supporters, and sympathizers of the presidential candidates and political parties.

The tone of some of those enquiries and requests suggested that the people making them were ill-informed about the NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure (CFM), and therefore, the NINAS Campaign against further National Elections under the 1999 Constitution. They also seem not to understand the rationale for NINAS’ insistence that 2023 ELECTIONS be shelved and that an immediate TRANSITIONING Arrangement be initiated to undertake the fundamental Constitutional Reconfiguration and Reconstruction. Some of the comments even went completely off-tangent by alluding to some kind of orchestration against one of the candidates.

The Secretariat of NINAS would in response to those enquiries, requests for clarifications, and comments, state as follows:

  1. As a strategy for dismantling the failed Lugardian Experiment of 1914 and for extricating the Sovereignty of Nigeria’s trapped constituent components, the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) and its NINAS Allies (previously MNN), in 1999,  distilled and deployed a 20-year Plan to build a countrywide consensus against Caliphate-imposed 1999 Constitution and its enforcers.
  2. That Plan succeeded spectacularly and so by December 16, 2020, we Declared a Union Dispute and Activated a Constitutional Force Majeure (CFM) to Enforce that Consensus against the rogue 1999 Constitution and its enforcers.
  3. The central target of that Enforcement is the 1999 Constitution and the Unitary Union of death it foists; and central to the Strategy for Taking Down that Constitution is the Shutdown of the voyage to 2023 Elections, in furtherance of the countrywide Repudiation and Rejection of that Caliphate-enabling  Constitution, by the Alliance of the rest of Nigeria (i.e., NINAS).
  4. The NINAS Campaign to Shut Down the voyage to 2023 Elections as a Strategy for Shooting Down the 1999 Constitution, was launched elaborately via the  NINAS CFM and Union Dispute of December 16, 2020, which was subsequently escalated in the global arena via the NINAS weeklong rallies at the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, September 2021, where NINAS’ actions forced the Nigerian Government to rent Black Americans for as much as $500 per person per day, dressed up as Nigerians to counter those NINAS Rallies even as the visibly embarrassed Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari watched from the UN Building.

    All these were two years before the July 2022 party primaries for 2023 Elections which produced the presidential candidates.
  5. From the foregoing, it is clear that the NINAS Campaign against the 1999 Constitution and the 2023 Elections, predated the emergence of all the presidential candidates for 2023 Elections.
  6. With the NINAS “No-Further-National-Elections-Under-1999-Constitution” objective, we directed our Campaign against the frontline parties and their candidates (i.e., PDP, APC & LP), who together are railroading Nigeria to 2023 Elections under the 1999 Constitution, with equal ferocity as the video clips attached herewith will show.

(i) To PDP:

(ii) To APC:

(iii) To LP:

(iv) To All the Parties:

7. That candidate Peter Obi who less than one year before his emergence as LP presidential candidate, declared that Nigeria was like a vehicle with a knocked engine  (i.e., unworkable Constitution of Nigeria), suddenly makes a volte-face and declares on national television that “the Constitution is not the reason Nigeria is where it is” and that “it is bad leadership”. That was a frontal attack on the NINAS’ Campaign of 22 Years that dates back to 1999 and so, what seems to some as the extra focus on candidate Peter Obi’s campaign was and is still NINAS’ attempt to persuade candidate Peter Obi once again that Nigeria’s imposed Unitary Constitution (1999) is the Chief Problem of Nigeria.

8. The NINAS’ Campaign for the wholesale decommissioning of the death-dispensing 1999 Constitution of Nigeria and Elections mandated by that Constitution will proceed to its logical conclusion as NINAS is persuaded that the said wholesale decommissioning of the fraudulent constitutional basis of Nigeria is the starting point for finding any meaningful solution to the deep, dangerous quagmire Nigeria and Nigerians are currently caught in.

It is the hope of NINAS that Nigeria’s political parties, the candidates, and their supporters, will find the courage to objectively examine and interrogate the Grand Propositions of NINAS as encapsulated in the aforementioned December 16, 2020, Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation, and also find the courage to redirect the energies currently being committed to 2023 Elections, to the true source of their miseries: the 1999 Constitution.

NINAS also invites all Stakeholders to use the NINAS 10-Point INTERROGATORIES advertised in the Guardian (Nigeria) Newspaper of September 26, 2022, as a NOTICE to political parties, to question the claims and promises of the political parties and their presidential candidates regarding the remediation of the multifaceted dysfunctions and failures of the distressed Nigerian Federation. In particular, to determine whether the current situation of Nigeria will be resolved by further National ELECTIONS in 2023 under the Disputed 1999 Constitution, or by the immediate initiation of a TRANSITIONING Arrangement to undertake the inevitable Union Reconfiguration and Reconstruction that has been outstanding since the 1966/1967 collapse of the Federation of Nigeria.

Here are the links to September 26, 2022, Guardian (Nigeria) Newspaper publication of the NINAS Interrogatories as well as video broadcasts illuminating those Interrogatories.
(i) Guardian Newspaper link: 
Notice of NINAS interrogatories to political parties heading to 2023 elections under the 1999 constitution


(ii)Ten Interrogatories:

(ii) Peter Obi as “Lesser Evil”

(iii) Caliphate Asset-Stripping

NINAS Secretariat,

September 28, 2022.

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