Unitary Nigeria Is Union-At-Gunpoint

Unitary Nigeria Is Union-At-Gunpoint
NINAS Secretariat
05 October 2022

The profound postulations in this video clip and coming from the public space, present the clearest articulation of the reasoning behind the NINAS Union Reconstruction Template outlined in the December 16, 2020, Constitutional Force Majeure (CFM) Proclamation and Activation. In agreement and amplification of the postulations of the erudite priest speaking here, we posit that the Unitary Nigeria defined by the 1999 Constitution, is not our Project. The Federation of Nigeria NEGOTIATED, AGREED UPON, and COMMITTED TO by the Constituent Components of Nigeria at Independence in 1960 following the Lancaster House Agreements of 1959, was Terminated 1966/1967 when the Five Constitutions that framed and defined that Federation of Nigeria got Toppled and Replaced by an IMPOSED UNITARY CONSTITUTIONAL ORDER via Military Fiat, first codified by Decree in 1979 as “1979 Constitution” and carried forward by another Decree (No.24) in 1999 as “1999 Constitution”.

The Prescription that Nigeria makes a U-turn in order to Renegotiate and possibly get its Constituent Components to RECOMMIT to a Union (and perhaps then have a Project), agrees completely with the Prescriptions of NINAS and the Mechanism for making that U-turn by way of an orderly TRANSITIONING is clearly articulated in the NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure.

We further posit that the U-turn to be made by Nigeria is from the imposed Unitary Constitutional Order (1999) and the first urgent step to making that U-turn is in shelving further National Elections in 2023 under that 1999 Constitution, as well as the immediate initiation of a TRANSITIONING Arrangement to undertake the inevitable Union Reconstruction.

To put it plainly, there is no Nigerian Union that is being built right now. What we have is a Union held together at gunpoint. When politicians say that they want to “Move Nigeria forward” or “Deepen Nigeria’s democracy”, or “Revamp Nigeria’s economy”, or “Make Nigeria great”, they sound miserably oblivious of the fact that there is no Union of Nigeria to move forward; to deepen or even build any democracy or to revamp an economy and this is tragic because it is that deliberate “lack of understanding” that the distressed Federation of Nigeria is being pushed more forcefully to a violation implosion, especially by the pretense that elections will lead Nigeria to any meaningful improvement.

– NINAS Secretariat, October 5, 2022.

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