NINAS Secretariat Clarifications Relating to Elections: – October 17, 2021


Dictated by the NINAS Script Strategy for triggering the Constitutional Logjam that will Precipitate a Transitioning and Regional Referendums, it was a carefully considered position to leave out off-season State Governorship or Legislative Elections and focus on the General Elections Cycle (next being the 2023 Round), especially for the timing of the Measured Actions that will impact on a scale capable of delivering the outcome depicted by Domino-1 & Domino-2. (See Below).

The refusal to keep to Script caused the Project a huge setback in 2017 when the 2019 General Election Cycle was being targeted for *SHUTDOWN*. 

Specifically, the Biafra Franchise Merchants who were spying on the LNC for ideas and Next-Steps, jumped into their Anambra Election *BOYCOTT* Campaign, just to show that they initiated the Election Stoppage Campaign. 

This distortion and departure from the clearly thought-out upfront SHUTDOWN Strategy to a random BOYCOTT, created a huge perception problem for the Project in the Public Space and impacted very negatively on the build-up against the 2019 Electoral Round, especially with the Operation Python Dance which was launched to clear the IPOB challenge to the Anambra 2017 Gubernatorial Election. 

We (NINAS) were compelled by the circumstances of the time to scale down from what was originally planned to the FREEDOM PARK PROCLAMATION of December 11, 2018 (see below) where we alerted the Global Community of our (Alliance) Repudiation of the 1999 Constitution and our resolve to mobilize against further National Elections under that Constitution.

We ignored the 2019 Elections and used the whole of 2019 to engage critical Stakeholder-Segment of the International Community, particularly the US Government and the UN resulting in the US Policy Actions against Nigeria and the UN Special Rapporteur’s Visitation of August 2019 (Agnes Callamard)

This was the backdrop to the build-up towards the December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation and Activation even with the delays and debilitation occasioned by the Covid-19 Disruptions in most of 2020.

These explanations and clarifications have become necessary so that all involved will understand that there are Clearly Articulated Strategies and a Roadmap for the Liberation Outcome we seek as NINAS.

The Details of those Strategies and Roadmap cannot be shared in open Platforms populated by agents of the Enemy and so it is important that we look towards the Operational Machineries of NINAS which are not on display to the Public, for guidance, but let us also note that there is enough in the Public Space to lead us to those Machineries in a manner that does not compromise the Integrity of the Processes. 

Secretariat states firmly that Speculations and Conjectures are not options at this time since necessary information is abundantly available.

Tony Nnadi
NINAS Secretariat
October 17, 2021.

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