NINAS Special Broadcast (March 2023): Nigeria in Distress: The NINAS Transitioning Template; Part 2 of 5

NINAS Secretariat

22nd of March, 2023

Editor’s comments:
It is because of the 1999 Forgery (Constitution) that the elections of 2023 have collapsed due to massive rigging by INEC and other related services and participants in that monumental farce. Do listen CAREFULLY, do DIGEST the information told to us here by the NINAS Spokesman; because it is INTOLERABLE, Unjust, and pure Folly for indigenous people to continually put their lives and future under the power and control of a Repudiated 1999 Constitution, a Forgery, a Fraud, that dispossesses them of their Sovereignty and Self-Determination. Through this important NINAS Broadcast, Nigerians and the concerned international community will understand the Rationale and the meaning of Transitioning to Renegotiate the failed and deadly Union called One-Nigeria.

As anger, tension, disillusionment, and anxiety sweep across Nigeria regarding the outcome of the Botched 2023 Elections, and as many now ask: “What Next?”. These NINAS Broadcasts dissecting what went wrong and providing direction on what we must do is being released to the Public in Five Parts. This is part 2.

Nigeria in Distress: The NINAS Transitioning Template

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