Special Urgent Message From NINAS: Nigeria’s Botched 2023 Elections – A Peoples’ Countermand to a Voyage of Doom; Part 1 of 5

NINAS Secretariat

20th of March, 2023

Editor’s comments:
Time after time, elections in Nigeria get rigged, and each time Nigerians feel “shocked” and “disappointed”. This fiasco has been going on for 24 years now, so is it not time for Nigerians to LISTEN to NINAS to see where they went wrong, and to know what to do NOW to Discontinue the Elections journey that ends on the 29th of May swearing-in ceremony? Otherwise, the Fulani Caliphate’s Conquest Agenda, as clearly stated in Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration, will continue full steam ahead when the Oath of Office renews the life of the 1999 Forgery (Constitution), the instrument used to bring on the Caliphate’s Conquest of Nigeria. Plus, there is a high chance the NOTORIOUS Shettima will be the one in power with his links to Boko Haram (of course denied), and that would speed up Fulanization plus destabilize the entire West African subregion. Nigerians should LISTEN to NINAS now instead of continuing to be authors of their own demise and destruction.

As anger, tension, disillusionment and anxiety, sweep across Nigeria regarding the outcome of the Botched 2023 Elections, and as many now ask: “What Next?”. These NINAS Broadcasts dissecting what went wrong and providing direction on what we must do is being released to the Public in Five Parts. This is part 1.

Nigeria’s Botched 2023 Elections – A Peoples’ Countermand to a Voyage of Doom

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