NINAS Union Reconfiguration Propositions Are As Encapsulated In The December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation And Have Not Changed

Tony Nnadi, NINAS Secretariat
03 September 2023


Apparently prompted by articles and speculations being circulated on the internet on the subject, several inquiries have been received by the NINAS Secretariat on the attitude of NINAS towards suggestions in certain quarters about the possible intervention of the Military in Nigeria’s Political Space at this time. 

NINAS Secretariat responds to those inquiries as follows:

The overall thrust of the NINAS Propositions, Strategy Framework and Processes, as encapsulated in the December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure Proclaimed, is deliberately structured to be a complete ALTERNATIVE to Military Coups and Mass Revolts, both of which could lead to disastrous and uncontrollable outcomes, especially against the backdrop of Nigeria’s deep-running fault-lines.
(Link to the full text of the Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation HERE:

In the Communication we put out yesterday, September 2, 2023, on the subject titled: 
”Africa Revolt: Overthrowing Imposed Constitutional Arrangements To Terminate Structures in Africa,” we stated the Common Objective of the recent Revolutions in Africa, especially the Military Coups in the West and Central African Sub-Regions as well as  the Popular Mass Revolts in North Africa (Arab Spring) that preceded the Coups, namely: ”Retrieval of Hijacked and Suppressed Sovereignties by Indigenous Peoples” (Link HERE:

We listed three patterns of approach to that Objective that had been deployed so far, namely: 

  1. Popular Mass Revolts as we saw in the Arab Spring that swept through North Africa
  2. Military Coups by Patriots as being witnessed across West and Central Africa and;
  3. The Structured, Process-led Democratic and Non-Violent Mechanisms as represented by the NINAS Union Reconfiguration Processes, which can be likened to the CODESA Transitioning Mechanism by which South Africa eased itself out of the Apartheid Bind between 1990 and 1994.

Nigeria has been through several Military Coups since 1966, and the outcome is the ruin Nigeria has fallen into; this puts Nigeria in a very peculiar situation in which any suggestion of Military Intervention comes with a complicated mix of negative baggage dictated by dangerous and fractious Ethno-religious Fault-Lines as well as the Conquest Agenda of the segment of the Nigerian Military which had almost exclusively dominated the Coup Enterprise in Nigeria since its first advent in 1966. 

Let it, therefore, be clearly understood that NINAS Propositions do not represent a call for another Military Coup in Nigeria, even in the face of the Military Takeovers unfolding across the West and Central African Sub-Regions. The NINAS Propositions represent the most viable alternative to both Military Coups and Unled Mass Revolts. 

No doubt that Members of the Military Community in Nigeria are citizens of Nigeria who would be as concerned as other citizens with the Toxic quagmire Unitary Nigeria has become. However, the damages inflicted on Nigeria by the Incomplete Decolonization at Independence in 1960 and the resultant Union Disputes that had been outstanding since 1966, particularly the War of 1967-1970, make the Military Option particularly undesirable as the search continues for the resolution of the complex Nigerian Question. 

This, amongst other compelling reasons, was responsible for the Union Reconfiguration Template distilled and deployed by NINAS to stand as the most viable alternative to both Popular Mass Revolt and Military Coup.

It is in this regard that NINAS would expect Members of the Nigerian Military, as concerned citizens, to pay closer attention to the NINAS Propositions, which are knowledge-based and dictated by actual involvement with current ground realities and the diverse experiences of the persons directly involved in the construction of Nigeria as One Political Union. 

Whilst acknowledging our Liberty to offer our suggestions and opinions on How Best to Reach our Desired Destination, let us please align those suggestions to the Fundamentals of our Preferred Route Map, being mindful of what we put out in the public space, especially if such could be interpreted by the public as the position of NINAS on account of our affiliation with NINAS. The enemies of our Campaign can, in mischief, choose to distort and obfuscate such suggestions. 

Tony Nnadi.
NINAS Secretariat,
September 3, 2023.

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