NINAS Notes And Nuggets For Navigating The Distressed Ship Of The Nigerian State From The Tragedy Of September 6, 2023

Tony Nnadi, NINAS Secretariat
08 September 2023

[Referring to those who confused, disappointed, and frightened by the recent pronouncement of the Presidential Elections Petition of 6th September 2023 regarding the Tinubu presidency, here is a means to gather thoughts together, and to see that there is a way out already placed on the Table, by considering these NINAS materials – The Editor]


    (Being a NINAS Note of Clarification written against the backdrop of the wave of Military Coups across the West and Central African Sub-Regions and the growing prospects of Popular Mass Revolt)

    ”The Implementation of the Constitutional Force Majeure is Transcendental and will continue until it achieves its stated Objective of Union Reconfiguration via a TRANSITIONING Arrangement even as the recalcitrant Nigerian State, along with its Political Merchants and a largely ill-informed populace, wobble through a doomed Election under a Delegitimized Constitution.

    To understand the context and purpose of the NINAS Memo To The Supreme Court, you may wish to examine this September 4, 2023 Cover Note written amidst discussions about the wave of Military Coups across the West and Central African Sub-Regions”.

    As Unitary Nigeria wobbles in the cataclysmic throes of its inevitable Terminus in the aftermath of the Inconclusive 2023 Presidential Election, let it be understood that in addition to whatever the Appellate Courts and the System may throw up as Remediation to the Botched Presidential Election, (including Rerun, Runoff and Retention of the outcome of the February 25, 2023 charade), the Default Options staring at all for Managing the wreckage of the mangled 2023 Presidential Election would appear to be:

    1. The Consensual Adoption by Critical Stakeholders (including Government), of the NINAS Transitioning Propositions for Union Reconfiguration as encapsulated in the December 16, 2020 Joint Multi-Regional Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation.
    2. A Mass Revolt and whatever it eventually leads to.
    3. A Military Coup D’état to clear the Augean Stable and reset the Polity.
  2. The NINAS-Memorandum-To-The NINAS Memo-To-Supreme-Court Broadcast of August 2, 2023 is merely intended to lay before the whole country, a Judicial Pathway to activating the aforementioned NINAS orderly Transitioning Arrangements for Union Reconfiguration. Other Pathways to the same TRANSITIONING Destination remain in process.

    Here is a response note to those who interpret the NINAS August 2, 2023 Broadcast Memo To The Supreme Court to mean a NINAS change of course from the Constitutional Force Majeure implementation:

    • For a start, Note the March 14, 2023 time-stamp on the Video you are commenting about which was an interview with a US Policy Think-Tank in the immediate aftermath of the February 25, 2023 Presidential Election.

      The Tribunal Judgment In The 2023 Presidential Election Petition Will Stand Or Fall On The Correctness Or Otherwise, of the Postulations in this March 14, 2023 Interview Regarding the Question of 25% of FCT Votes and the Electronic Transfer of Results from Polling Units. In all likelihood, the Fate of the Distressed Nigerian Federation will depend of the outcome of the Adjudication in the Mangled 2023 Presidential Election. Tony Nnadi of NINAS Stands by the Postulations made in this Interview. The Presidential Election Petition Tribunal is Completely wrong on the two issues (ie the 25% of FCT Votes Mandatory Requirement and the Electronic Transfer of Results from Polling Units).

      Video: US Review on Nigeria’s 2023 Election with Tony Nnadi – NINAS: World Edition for March 14, 2023.

    • Note also that the Broadcast Memo to the Supreme Court has a time-stamp of August 2, 2023, more than one month ahead of the September 6, 2023 Judgment of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal. 

      Video: Disputed 2023 Presidential Election: A Memorandum to the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

    • Next is to read the September 4, 2023 Clarification Note which contextually situates the Broadcast Memo to the Supreme Court. (Link HERE:

      Altogether therefore, it is self-evidently wrong to suggest that there has been a NINAS “descent into the arena of Elections“, in any manner that detracts from the stated Objectives of the implementation of Constitutional Force Majeure. 

      As clearly stated in the NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation of December 16, 2020, the ‘Limited Toleration’ extended by NINAS to the 1999 Constitution for the sake of avoiding anarchy, is basis of NINAS’ public intervention and interjection in the doomed 2023 Electoral Voyage which cannot therefore be described as descending into the arena. For the avoidance of doubt, NINAS is the Arena for its own Objectives.

      Such suggestion could only be from persons who did not understand that the Force Majeure implementation strategy EXPRESSLY targeted the enactment of a Constitutional Logjam to compel the Transitioning for Union Reconfiguration.

      Video: Transitioning as Alternative to Chaos: Looming Constitutional Crisis. Part-3 of 5, May 21, 2023.

      (Issued September 8, 2023).


  1. The NINAS Domino Effect schematically depicts how by toppling the 2023 elections, that topples the fraudulent 1999 Constitution, which topples the dysfunctional unitary Union of Nigeria.

  2. AUDIO LINK: Tony Nnadi on the NINAS’ amicus curiae Memorandum to the Supreme Court regarding their POLICY JURISDICTION powers in relation to solving Nigeria’s dysfunctional constitutional order (Link HERE:

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