In response to several requests to the NINAS Secretariat for clarifications regarding the Yoruba 5Million-Signatures Target Petition to the UN, let it be known that:

(1) For the Purpose of the Self-Determination Campaign Currently being waged by the Constituent Components of Nigeria under the Multi-Regional cooperation aegis of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS), every step taken by any of the Components, in repudiation of the Union of Nigeria or its Constitution will be welcomed and this will include Petitions to the UN or any of its Organs.
However, let it also be known that such Petitions addressed to the UN are just a category of Opinion Polls and so would not by themselves become basis of any action by the UN to finalize the process to Independence.

(2) With specific reference to an anonymous online announcement attached to the Ominira Yoruba Petition being circulated since early March 2022, and claiming amongst other things that once the 5 Million Signatures target is reached, it will be the basis for the formation of an Interim Government to Administer Yorubaland and issue Yoruba Currency and International Passport; Please be informed that the said claim is false and grossly misleading and that no matter what the intentions of the author of that online announcement may be, it is a great disservice to the Yoruba Liberation Campaign to deliberately erect such falsehood which will only raise and dash the expectations the People at this time.

(3) The United Nations will only get involved in managing the Resultant, Inevitable Transitioning when the ground reality is sufficiently altered by our own actions.

Our Task therefore is to intensify our Campaign to the degree that will precipitate the Constitutional Logjam that would need to be resolved.

It is that logjam that will necessitate the Transitioning and trigger the 2-Stage Constitutional Reconstruction Process that will have Regional Self-Determination Referendums in the first Stage according to the Five-Point Proposition outlined in the December 16, 2020 NINAS Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation.

(4) At this stage of the Constitutional Force Majeure Implementation, all energies should be directed at guiding our People to intensify our Campaign as Scripted and not to any bogus parade or grandstanding anchored on deceit.

NINAS Secretariat 
March 16, 2022.

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