NINAS Urgent Alerts #1: Caliphate Conquest Invasion Now In Top Gear – Afghanistan Loading (Part 1)

Just twelve days after Independence in 1960, the infamous Ahmadu Bello Declaration openly revealed what the future of Nigeria was planned to be. It would be one under the Caliphate Agenda to “ruthlessly” convert Nigeria into the “estate” of the Fulani with the south a “conquered territory” and its peoples never being allowed “to control their future”. Such words are a declaration of war against the indigenous peoples by the Fulani, settlers and immigrants in Nigeria, but deviously given undeserved power by the departing colonial British.

Today, the instrument being used to bring about the Caliphate Agenda is the illegitimate forgery, known as the 1999 Constitution. In order for the Caliphate Agenda to advance, it needs help and cooperation from political parties and politicians. That is exactly what is happening: all political parties subscribe to the 1999 Constitution even though they know it is a forgery; plus all elected politicians swear an Oath of Office to uphold, defend, and govern by that illegitimate Document and by so doing, renew the life of the 1999 Constitution and bring out its destructive power upon their own people – they do this in return for money and personal riches.

The key thing to note, is that the success of the Caliphate Agenda depends entirely on politicians from the indigenous Ethnic Nations being traitors to their own people by pushing them into Elections 2023, which sole purpose is to renew the life of the 1999 Constitution, a Document that they know has been rejected and Repudiated by their people.

With much concern for the lives of Nigerians living under a frightening insecurity situation, the NINAS Secretariat had issued NINAS Urgent Alerts in the form of a video Communiqué in six parts, which then became ten parts due to the increasing killings of Nigerians by armed Fulani.

These Urgent Alerts are to strengthen the indigenous peoples to ACT to save their lives by Taking Down the illegitimate 1999 Constitution which enables armed invaders to kill them, and grab their lands, plus to kidnap them for ransom to fund the ethnic cleansing (genocide) onslaught.

These Urgent Alerts are also to tell the indigenous political class that treasonous behavior against their own people, which leads to their people being slaughtered, would rightly be resisted. Politicians have a duty of care and service towards their people and they should immediately suspend preparations for Elections 2023, and see to it that the operation of the illegitimate 1999 Constitution gets terminated throughout the NINAS Territory, as that is the POTENT action that stops the Caliphate Agenda.

Recently, NINAS issued an Urgent RUGA ALERT by which it exposed the 2022 Constitution Amendment Exercise on “Local Government Autonomy” as RUGA-in-disguise. “RUGA” being Fulani colonies with their cattle.

The present Urgent Alert is about escalating invasions and terror attacks amidst routine infusion into Nigeria’s Military of so-called ‘repentant’ Boko-Haram elements, in a manner that bears striking resemblances with the Taliban take-over of Afghanistan, raising the smokescreen of 2023 General Elections as decoy and cover:




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