PUBLIC NOTICE and Rejoinder: NINAS Seeks Wholesale Union Reconfiguration And Not A Return To 1963 Constitution

NINAS Secretariat
07 June 2023

Following enquiries by members of the public regarding the stories circulating on the internet about “NADECO” seeking a return to 1963 Constitution, NINAS Secretariat wishes to inform the general public that the “NADECO” circulating the stories are impostors whose motives concerning the inevitable Reconfiguration of the Nigerian Union are far apart from those of NINAS.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Propositions of NINAS entails the Wholesale Dismantling of the current imposed Unitary Constitution of Nigeria and a Renegotiation, Reconfiguration and Reconstruction of the Defunct Federation of Nigeria.

Let it be understood that the 1963 Constitution represents an Incomplete Decolonization for both the Minorities of the pre-1966 Eastern Region (today’s Niger Delta or South South) and the Minorities of the pre-1966 Northern Region (today’s Middle-Belt).

Accordingly, NINAS in support of unfettered Self-Determination Rights for ALL Ethnic Nationalities currently trapped in Unitary Nigeria, canvasses and has set forth a Template for a complete Union Reconfiguration via an orderly Transitioning Arrangement that begins with the complete Decommissioning of the Unitary Constitutional Arrangement.

NINAS wishes to further clarify as follows:

NADECO (National Democratic Coalition), was Formally Rested after the 1999 Transition to Civil Rule and a skeletal Secretariat completely domiciled in Nigeria was instituted for limited and clearly defined purposes which related to historical Documentations and Referencing.

The Conveners of NADECO supported by a number of Allied Coalition Organizations mainly from the Ethnic Nationalities and Civil Society Fronts, led by Chief Anthony Enahoro, Prof Wole Soyinka and Dr Beko Ransome-Kuti, advanced the Union Reconfiguration efforts through the Pro-National Conference Organizations, PRONACO Platform, (2005-2006), after four years of intensive countrywide Consultations, Research and Preparations, guided by the broad outlines of the Grand Propositions of Chief Enahoro’s Ethnic Nationalities-Focused Movement for National Reformation (MNR).

With the successful outcome of PRONACO in August 2006 in the form of the Draft Peoples’ Constitution that was anchored upon the Regional Drafts that framed PRONACO, the Movement for New Nigeria (MNN) was Convened as the Implementation Framework for the Outcome of PRONACO which was formally wound up in August 2006.

It is important to note here that with the Fraudulent Reinstatement of the Military-imposed 1979 Constitution in 1999 by Abdusalam Abubakar’s Decree No.24 of 1999, the challenge for the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria moved from  CAMPAIGNING FOR DEMOCRACY (which NADECO championed between 1994 and 1998), to FIGHTING FOR LIBERATION since the Caliphate-inspired 1979 and 1999 ‘Constitutions’ essentially Hijacked and Confiscated the Sovereignties of the Constituent Component Nationalities of Nigeria (ie the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria in contradistinction with the Invader Fulani Populations)

The other important thing to note is that the MNN [now NINAS] is an Alliance of the South and Middle-Belt informed by the Year 2000 simultaneous Secession of the Feudalist Sharia Caliphate of Twelve Contiguous States of Northern Nigeria from the Secular Union that Nigeria was agreed to be even under the Disputed 1999 Constitution at Section 10, (this Sharia Belt excludes the predominantly Christian Southern Flanks of the Sharia States including Southern Kaduna, Southern Borno et cetera all the way to Zuru areas in Kebbi State, which are all in the Middle Belt Bloc. Note also the loud claims of the Indigenous Hausa who now reject the bogey of Hausa-Fulani by which the Fulani Invaders blindfolded them and took their ancestral Lands).

With the back-end coordination of the Lower Niger Congress, (LNC), the MNN focused its efforts on the Mobilization of the Ethnic Nationalities of Nigeria for an Orderly Decommissioning of the Fraudulent 1999 Constitution as Basis of the Distressed Nigerian Union, using Clearly Mapped-out Processes, Dictated by the Self-Determination Imperative for each of those Constituent Component Nationalities locked into a Union of Death by British Amalgamation since 1914.

(MNN is an Alliance-based Framework made up of Regional Coordinating Self-Determination Organizations of which the LNC is one, coordinating the Lower Niger Bloc, ie the Eastern half of Southern Nigeria, of the Alliance)

The Success of the MNN Alliance culminated in the 2018 emergence of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS), which has since 2018, led the onerous Task of the Delegitimization and Decommissioning of the Fraudulent Unitary Constitution of Nigeria (1999), as well as the emergence of Successor-Constitutional Instruments for the Constituent Components of the Distressed Federation of Nigeria.

Following the Regional Solemn Assemblies of April 2015 (Port Harcourt), September 2017 (Ibadan) and Makurdi (July 2018), the December 16, 2020 Joint Multi-Regional Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation of NINAS was the Commencement of the Enforcement of the Countrywide Consensus against Nigeria’s Imposed Unitary Constitutional Order by the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria currently Trapped in the Failed Lugardian Experiment of 1914.

The Crux of the Five-Point Proposition of the NINAS December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation, was the Suspension of Further National Elections under the Repudiated 1999 Constitution and the immediate Initiation of a Transitioning Arrangement for Union Reconfiguration.

In the face of the Union Dispute arising from well-known Grave Constitutional Grievances and amidst the Inconclusive and Thoroughly Disputed outcome of Nigeria’s 2023 Presidential Election, NINAS Posits that Nigeria has arrived at the same juncture Apartheid South Africa reached in 1990 when it was compelled to initiate a Transitioning Arrangement to ease itself out of the Apartheid Bind that had brought South Africa to its knees at home and on the Global Stage, just at the case with Nigeria of today under the Unitary Constitutional Order.

Accordingly, NINAS insists that in place of the totally redundant altercations in Court about who won Nigeria’s botched 2023 Presidential Election, Nigeria MUST now Initiate a Transitioning Arrangement for an Orderly Union Reconfiguration using the Framework offered by the Five-Point Proposition of the NINAS December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation. The alternative would be to brace up for a Disorderly Collapse of the Distressed Nigerian Union.

Tony Nnadi,
NINAS Secretariat.
June 7, 2023. 

Here are three NINAS Video broadcasts that expand the information in the PUBLIC NOTICE above.

(Part 1 of 3) – The Case of the Minorites in the Nigerian Union Dispute: The NORTH – (Middle-Belt).

(Part 2 of 3) – The Case of the Minorites in the Nigerian Union Dispute: The EAST – (South-South).

(Part 3 of 3) – The case of the Minorites in the Nigerian Union Dispute: The WEST – (Mid-West).

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