El-Rufai’s Confessions As Proof Of Fulani Conquest Agenda And The Battle Cry For Immediate Union Reconfiguration Or Dissolution

07 June 2023

The confessions of Nasir El-Rufai as encapsulated in this Arise video clip about the Fulani Conquest Agenda (disguising itself as a Jihad), is PROOF of the NINAS charge of Caliphate Conquest Agenda, currently framed and empowered by the Caliphate-imposed Unitary Constitution of Nigeria.

It will be recalled that by an August 2022 Broadcast titled: “Elections 2023: Caliphate Strategic Decoy for Conquest Onslaught”, NINAS alerted the rest of Nigeria about the Conquest Agenda of the Fulani and the deployment of 2023 Elections as a Decoy Strategy for advancing the Fulani Conquest Designs.

(Here is the link to the Broadcast: https://youtu.be/uWpBJYLbqUQ)

There were earlier NINAS Broadcasts titled: (a) “Train Terror Demand: Proof of Government Complicity and Implications for Union Dispute”.

(Here is the link: https://youtu.be/nx003Uu1fHA) and

(b) “Retake Your Sovereignty or Fulani Invaders will Grab It for Themselves: Fraud of 1999 Dead” (Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6CbwndthLA), which highlight various aspects and manifestations of those Conquest Designs.

The resumption of massive Fulani invasion and killings immediately after the 2023 General Elections is only a further confirmation of the aforementioned Conquest Agenda.

The Confessions of Nasir El-Rufai point out El-Rufai as the Governor referred to as the ‘Boko Haram Top Commander’ in the revelations of Dr Obadiah Mailafia regarding the Terror Onslaught ravaging Nigeria.

The rest of Nigeria has a choice to stand up now and extricate themselves, using the NINAS Union Reconfiguration Template or fold their arms and wait for their turn at extermination by Fulani Invaders.

Let the Reader also know that Lieutenant General (Rtd) Azubuike Ihejirika, a former Chief of Army Staff, in August 2014 accused El-Rufai of being a Boko Haram commander. A Google search will bring up the details.

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