Taking Responsibility For Our Lives And Taking Charge Of Our Spaces

Tony Nnadi, NINAS

25 August 2023

Someone in a U.S Diaspora Platform commented in lamentation and disbelief on the February 2022 video in which Emma Stark spoke about a series of things that will happen in Nigeria 10 months from February 2022. (Link HERE: https://youtu.be/mr-Fax34hfY)

Tony Nnadi of NINAS responded to the lamentation comment as follows:

“Information is Power. Knowledge is Power. 

We had the information on what was coming towards us well in advance. NINAS had knowledge of what we could do to save ourselves from the catastrophes that were racing towards us. Our People OBDURATELY chose to gamble with their lives and future by plunging headlong into the 2023 Elections under the 1999 Constitution.

The catastrophes foretold are now unfolding, with more loading to happen if we remain recalcitrant.

First, you may wish to view the NINAS Broadcast dated September 26, 2022 and titled: ”Ousting the Leviathan (1999 Constitution) Or Voting the Lesser Devil” (Do watch the Broadcast below).


That would show you what we ought to have done by ourselves to deliver ourselves from bondage.

Secondly, as the talk of a possible Rerun of the Botched 2023 Presidential Election continues to spread, you may also wish to review the NINAS Broadcast titled: ”Transitioning, Not Rerun, Will Solve Nigeria’s Mangled Presidential Election” dated August 3, 2023. (Do watch the Broadcast below).


We must for once, take Responsibility for lives and our future. We must also Take Charge of our Space. If we fail to, our adversaries operating the British-Caliphate Joint Venture Codenamed “Nigeria” will keep us in Bondage and remain in charge of our Space, killing, maiming, destroying and pillaging”.

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