Overview Of NINAS Union Reconfiguration Template

NINAS Secretariat
14 August 2023

Video: Overview of NINAS’ Liberation Project: The Grand Strategy & Milestones.


Amidst Monumental Geopolitical Upheavals in the West African Sub-Region and as Nigeria’s inconclusive 2023 Presidential Election cascades towards a Constitutional Logjam, the torrents of enquiries continue to pour into the NINAS Secretariat indicating that most of those who now look towards NINAS for Guidance on possible Pathways out of what now seems like the Forest of a Thousand Demons, are struggling to understand the NINAS Framework and Processes.  

As a General Response to the thrust of those Enquiries, this NINAS Special Broadcast takes us, start-to-finish, graphically, through the 20-year Strategic Plan that culminated in the December 16, 2020 Joint Multi-Regional Constitutional Force Majeure including the 5-Phases of the Plan, as well as the Key Milestones and the Watershed Programs that Frame the Processes.

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