Understanding The Rationale, Framework And Processes Of The NINAS Union Reconstruction Propositions

Understanding The Rationale, Framework And Processes Of The NINAS Union Reconstruction Propositions

NINAS Secretariat

26 January 2023

Like doctors do with ailments when Symptoms turn up the first step is Diagnosis based on the Symptoms; then Prescriptions based on the Diagnosis; then Treatment Process based on the Prescription, in that order.

We have to understand what the problems are first, as basis of determining what potent solution options that are available. 

In the terribly sick Nigeria we are caught in, the Symptoms we see include insecurity, corruption, decayed infrastructure, impunity, mediocrity, gross inequalities, serial electoral heist, bad leadership, mass poverty, etc.

The Diagnosis of NINAS points conclusively and self-evidently to the imposed unworkable Unitary Constitution of Nigeria (1999).

The Prescription of NINAS based on this Diagnosis therefore revolves pointedly around the Decommissioning and Dismantling of the Unitary Constitutional Order.

The Constitutional Force Majeure Treatment deployed by NINAS is based on this Prescription which entails the shelving of further National Elections under that unworkable Unitary Constitution and the initiation of a TRANSITIONING Arrangement to distill successor constitutional protocols.

The fundamental Constitutional Reconstruction demanded by the Nigerian Situation go far beyond the powers of the National Assembly whose Legislative Mandate is limited to Law-making as Constitution-making requires Constituent Powers that vest exclusively in the Component Peoples of Nigeria as an incident of their Sovereignty.

(Read the NINAS Public Communication on the Subject titled: ”The Legislative Mandate of the National Assembly Does Not Extend To Constitution-Making
Link: https://ninasmovementnews.substack.com/p/the-legislative-mandate-of-the-national)

The central contention of NINAS is that we have not any Constitution for the Nigerian Union as the Decree No.24 of 1999 cannot take the place of the Peoples of Nigeria and their Sovereignty; therefore the question of Constitution Amendment does not arise.

The Framework, Processes and Procedures deployed by NINAS flow from the Diagnosis-Prescription-Treatment sequence imperative and these Processes are over 80% completed.

We only need to Activate Domino-2 to reach the outcome envisaged by the 20-year Strategic Plan deployed by NINAS since 1999, creating the countrywide consensus against both the Unitary Constitution of Nigeria and its Caliphate Enforcers, (including their Regional Proxies); Culminating in the December 16, 2020 Joint Multi-Regional Constitutional Force Majeure now being Enforced.

All suggestions about how elections can lead to the emergence of some kind of better leadership which will take Nigeria to great heights or how Constitution amendments after such elections will cure the complex terminal ailments of Unitary Nigeria, are tantamount to a dangerous Gross MISDIAGNOSIS because the patients (Nigeria and Nigerians) are already facing existential threats from the Conquest and Colonization Agenda of the Fulani even as Nigeria descends from manifest state failure to prospects of Violent Disintegration.”

NINAS Secretariat.
January 26, 2023

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