Who Are The “We” Referred To By Hamza Al-Mustapha In His Sophistry About The True Origins Of The Terminal Woes Of Nigeria?

al-Mustapha delivers his speech

al-Mustapha delivers his speech

Being a Rejoinder by Tony Nnadi on behalf of the NINAS Secretariat in response to the claims of Hamza al-Mustapha, in the attached video, about the foreign origins and orchestration of Nigeria’s debilitating woes.

The creation of Nigeria as an offshore business enterprise of Britain as well as the atrocious and most iniquitous Foundational Arrangements embedded by Britain and its Local Agent in the 1914 Amalgamation of Nigeria, are too well known to bear any further repetition.

The negative manipulations by Britain and that Local Agent, (the Fulani Caliphate), over the decades are also too notorious to bear any further rehash, and these are made even more self-evident by the emergence of the imposed and Unworkable Unitary Constitutional Order that now defines that Nigeria Nigeria.

It is against this backdrop that the Miserable Attempt by al-Mustapha and the forces he represents, to Send the rest of us on a wild goose chase should be dismissed as Dead on Arrival.

Where is the place of the events of 1966-1970 which culminated in the 1979 & 1999 Constitutions in this warped narrative?

Amidst the Union Dispute Raging all across Nigeria by way of Self-determination Agitations that trenchantly Question the Basis of the Nigerian Union, one should ask al-Mustapha: Who are the “We” that he was summoning by this sophistry?

When more than 75% of the Constituent Components of the Nigerian Union especially to the South and Middle-Belt, are heading to the exit door from the toxic Union of Nigeria, and the Global Community, particularly the UN, as well as the US and its Allies, are being inundated with demands for support towards remediation options that points more towards Dissolution; all because the Obdurately Arrogant Sharia Caliphate embrace a civilization under which *they owe it a duty of faith to kill the rest as Infidels*, and they embrace a civilization that insists that all men are not born equal for which reason they Proclaim *they are Born to Rule others*

The same Sharia Caliphate refused adamantly to come to the table of discussion set since after the abandonment of the Aburi Consensus in 1967.

They insist that their Worse-Than-Apartheid, Master-Servant contraption is Non-Negotiable, Indivisible and Indissoluble.

Where is the place of the undisguised Fulani Ethnic Cleansing Campaign in all these or are we being invited to join the pretense that there is none?

One would have said to al-Mustapha: Tell it to the Marines but even the Marines will reject this Al-Mustapha’s hogwash and poor spin of a Narrative.

We challenge those who listened to, and viewed this al-Mustapha’s video clip to offer us their answers to the Postulations, Propositions and Prescriptions of the December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation by the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS) regarding the claims and spins of al-Mustapha in the video relating to the diagnosis of the terminally sick Nigeria as well as Potent Treatment Options.

For the avoidance of doubt, Hamza al-Mustapha and his principals should be told in clear terms that until the Two Egregious Falsehoods contained in the Preamble to the 1999 Constitution are fully resolved (ie that *We the People Solemnly Resolved to Live Together as one Political Union* and that *We Made, Enacted and Gave ourselves that Constitution*), there is no “We” that he can summon to the task of rescuing “Our Country” from the machinations of Foreign Interests.

No doubt at all that there are foreign Interests involved in the destruction of Nigeria but the rest of us in the Alliance Territories (ie South and Middle-Belt) are telling al-Mustapha and his Caliphate Principals that they (the Caliphate) are the ones providing the Framework for whatever manipulations that are being wrought by Foreign Interests in Nigeria and that right now, our (the Alliance) concern is for our own lives, safety and future and not for the Preservation of the Toxic Nigeria that has become a Union of Death for Us, it’s Trapped Indigenous Constituent Components.

Tony Nnadi
NINAS Secretariat
October 26, 2021.

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