NINAS Urgent Alerts #2: Caliphate Conquest Invasion Now In Top Gear – Afghanistan Loading (Part 2)

That the immigrant and settler Fulani want to “ruthlessly” grab Nigeria from its indigenous Owners, to make it their “estate”, is a case of something being hidden in plain sight. It is the Caliphate Agenda straight from Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration of 1960.

Anybody can have an Agenda, but it would fail if the required components are not available. In Nigeria’s case, the indigenous politicians of the South and Middle Belt are the components responsible for bringing the Caliphate Agenda of conquest upon their people, and they are also responsible for making it a success. If the indigenous Owners want to save their lives, and want to keep hold of their ancestral lands, they need to turn their attention to the politicians in their midst, and to all the political parties in their land – including any new ones or “youth party”.

It is through upholding, defending, and governing by the illegitimate 1999 Constitution that elected politicians bring on the Caliphate Agenda of “conquest” and death, upon their own people.
It is because political parties subscribe to that sham 1999 Constitution that makes the non-elected politicians, and other party members to all be a part of bringing the Caliphate Agenda to their own people too.

The Caliphate Agenda has no power whatsoever except when power is given to it by these indigenous politicians, traitors and the enemy of their people’s welfare. That illegitimate 1999 Constitution is the instrument through which the Caliphate Agenda flows.

The indigenous peoples of the South and Middle Belt (NINAS Alliance Territory) therefore need to decide by their actions and inactions whether they want to hold on to their lives and their lands… Or whether they will flow along with the Caliphate Agenda and head to Elections 2023 that renew the life of the 1999 Constitution, the instrument that brings ultimate loss to them.

Happening now, unless stopped:- Caliphate Conquest Invasion Now In Top Gear: Afghanistan Loading

With much concern for the lives of Nigerians living under a frightening insecurity situation, the NINAS Secretariat has issued NINAS Urgent Alerts in the form of a video Communiqué in six parts (now ten parts due to the increase in brutal Fulani extremism for land grabbing). Here are the next three parts of the Communiqué.




Please read and share, and do not forget to check out our many NINAS video communiqués on our YouTube channel, link here:

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