NINAS Urgent Alerts #3 And Battlefield Instructions

Just in case you do not know why the so-called Federal Government of Nigeria (“Federal” in name but not in practice) is rushing madly to drag the British-created dissonance called Nigeria into another round of elections, please take out time to watch each of these four videos and at the end, you will understand the urgent need to halt that suicidal journey to 2023 General Elections.
Also, do send these videos to ALL nooks and crannies, especially to the heads of religious bodies/churches and politicians in the Middle-Belt and Southern Nigeria.

A Little Background:
Being adults, we ARE RESPONSIBLE for our response to the horrific slaughter of indigenous peoples by armed Fulani and their terrorists, that various observers have described as “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide”. Femi Adesina who was a Pastor (with Four Square Bible Church) and is the Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to President Buhari, in July 2018 gave Nigerians what can be seen as an ultimatum: to either surrender their ancestral lands to Fulani, or be killed. Adesina was reminding indigenous peoples that Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration of 1960 that Nigeria is to be an “estate” of the immigrant and settler Fulani, still stands; and the natives should bow down to this openly declared Caliphate Agenda since theirs is a “conquered territory”.

This Caliphate Agenda has not been hidden. In September 2019, during an interview with Channels Television, Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State made it clear that their plan was to settle Fulani from all parts of Africa inside the space known as “Nigeria”.

Very recently, in a video, the armed attackers of passengers on an Abuja-Kaduna train, flanking one of their hostages, said that they are not demanding for money, and that what they want is known by Buhari’s government. Since 1804 when the Fulani arrived in the country that would one day become Nigeria, they have always wanted the indigenous peoples’ lands. The illegitimate 1999 Constitution is a forgery foisted upon Nigerians, and it is the instrument that grabs the lands, seizes the natural resources, and hijacks the Self-Determination of indigenous Ethnic Nations. Now too, it is the instrument used to keep indigenous peoples disarmed and thus open prey for fully armed Fulani.

Nigerians must act, and act NOW. Fulani are carrying out a war against them, and it is the 1999 Constitution that “We the people” never wrote or agreed, that is the illegitimate instrument being used to facilitate the killings and land grab. It is time to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY to take down that sham and death-bringing Document!

The non-violent NINAS Movement that Proclaimed a Constitutional Force Majeure on 16th December 2020, has initiated the process to Terminate the operation of that illegitimate 1999 Constitution through a democratic ORDERLY PROCESS. The Caliphate know that the Strategy of the NINAS Movement is a POTENT method to stop the slaughter for land grab, and reverse the change of demographics and culture in Nigeria. They are therefore all out to use the Judas Goat “willing tool” indigenous politicians, as traitors of their own peoples, to push through with the Caliphate Agenda of conquest… The four NINAS video broadcasts below are BATTLEFIELD INSTRUCTIONS that will enable indigenous peoples to resist their treasonous politicians, and instead save their lives and lands from cruel, armed invaders, enabled by both the indigenous politicians and the illegitimate 1999 Constitution. It is time to ACT!

NINAS URGENT ALERTS: Invasion and Conquest Alert: What Are the Terrorists Demanding? (Part 7)

NINAS URGENT ALERTS: 2023 is Enemy Plan-C to Disguise their Plans-A & B (Part 8)

NINAS URGENT ALERTS: The Church & 2023: Are the Shepherds Endangering the Sheep? (Part 9)

NINAS URGENT ALERTS: Highway to Afghanistan: Silence Not Golden. (Part 10)
Please read and share, and do not forget to check out our many NINAS video communiqués on our YouTube channel, link here:

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