NINAS Extraordinary Notices: Limited Options To Avoid the Consequences of the Doomed Electoral Voyage of 2023 (Batch 2)

NINAS Secretariat
03 August 2023

In the First Batch of Notices, (3 Parts), NINAS Directly Addressed the two Frontline Presidential Candidates in Nigeria’s 2023 Election who have now Closed their cases at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal (August 1, 2023), as well as addressed the Supreme Court of Nigeria to which all Appeals from the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal will go.

In this Second Batch of Notices (also in 3 Parts), NINAS Addresses the wider Nigerian Populace on the Limited Options from which they must now choose, to avoid the dire consequences of the Doomed Electoral Voyage of 2023 which they embarked upon under the 1999 Constitution, against the Counsel of NINAS.

Nigeria must now make a U-Turn from the doomed path of Election under an Unworkable Unitary Constitution into an Immediate Transitioning to wind up that Constitution and commence the Inevitable Union Reconfiguration for the Distressed Federation.

(1) Transitioning, Not Rerun, Will Solve Mangled 2023 Presidential Election – NINAS.

(2) The Class of ’66, the Fraud of ‘99 and the Surrogate Class of ‘99.

(3) Drawing The Battle-Line Against The Fraud of 1999 & Its Enforcers.


Video clip: What we have in Nigeria is a State held at Gun-point – Anthony Akinwale.
(Reverend Father Professor Anthony Akinwale former Vice-Chancellor of the Dominican University, Ibadan.)

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