The Nature Of The War Of Invasion Indigenous Nationalities Of Nigeria Are Caught In And The Remedy Of Terminating The Toxic Union Foisted By Caliphate-Imposed 1999 Constitution

NINAS Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination

There is a huge war that is already upon us in which the Fulani who are already invading us, seek to conquer and exterminate the indigenous peoples of Nigeria in an undisguised ethnic cleansing onslaught. The Fulani’s main objective is to permanently take ownership of our ancestral homelands and make Nigeria a homeland for Fulani from all over Africa particularly.

The most viable response mechanism for the indigenous people is to terminate the master-servant Union created by the Caliphate-imposed 1999 Constitution in order to delegitimize the presence of the murderous Fulani in the Alliance Territories (South and Middle-Belt).


In other words, to terminate the toxic Nigerian Union in order to get rid of the Fulani who are operating the illicit Unitary Nigeria (and therefore masquerading as “Nigerians”), from our ancestral spaces across the Alliance Territories and simultaneously activate our right to armed Self-Defence as an integral component of our inalienable right to Self-Determination. 

That is the whole purpose of the Constitutional Force Majeure which itself was the culmination of a 20-year process to create a solid consensus against the 1999 Constitution amongst the Alliance Territories of the South and Middle-Belt.

Accordingly, the most urgent task before all of us in Yorubaland, Igboland, Ijawland, Tivland, Urhoboland, Edoland, Jukunland, Ogoniland, Biromland, and everywhere in between, who genuinely seek extrication from the stranglehold of Caliphate Nigeria, is to Take Down the 1999 Constitution upon which that Caliphate Nigeria is erected, and so, whether we seek the emergence of an independent “Yoruba Nation” or “Igbo Nation” or “Biafra” or even Regional Autonomy, or the so-called Restructuring of Nigeria, the first order of business is to break the constitutional cage called One-Nigeria in which we are currently held. Any other effort outside this urgent need to break the cage is simply self-entertaining and could only be informed by a dangerous mix of ignorance, dishonesty, and naivety.

Having roundly Repudiated the fraudulent 1999 Constitution via Solemn Assemblies, the Alliance of the South and Middle-Belt must now find a way to halt the Caliphate’s attempt to re-inject some life into that Constitution via the so-called “2023 Elections”. 

It is in taking this action of Halting by any means necessary, the 2023 Voyage of doom called “Elections” that we bring an immediate end to the defeated 1999 Constitution, as well as the Unitary Union of death anchored upon that Constitution, as encapsulated by the December 16, 2020 Joint Multi-Regional Constitutional Force Majeure (CFM) Proclamation by NINAS.

(See the Domino-1 and Domino-2 graphics depicting this strategic action) 

domino 1
domino 2

At a time the embattled peoples of the South and Middle-Belt of Nigeria caught in the urgent existential threat of Fulani extermination are battling to terminate the Caliphate-enabling 1999 Constitution by Halting the Voyage to 2023, it is a tragedy of monumental proportions that the renegade political merchants from the South and Middle-Belt of Nigeria, supported by blind and selfish Church-leaders will be railroading the same endangered but ill-informed populace into the Caliphate electoral train for 2023. 

It is against this backdrop of these realities that we invite the educated and enlightened segment of our society to find the discipline to examine and grasp the workings of the NINAS Self-Determination Template in order to facilitate the urgent self-redemption tasks thrust upon us by the deadly, mischievous, and murderous intents of our erstwhile compatriots in the failed Lugardian Experiment of 1914 called “Nigeria” so that we can in an orderly manner, chart a future in Self-Determination for the trapped constituent components of the defunct Federation of Nigeria that collapsed since 1966, which carcass was hijacked and is being operated by the Caliphate that now seeks to exterminate the indigenous peoples to take over our ancestral homelands for the Fulani permanent holding.

I enjoin us to critically review the audiovisuals in 4-parts titled, “NINAS Extraordinary Alerts April 2022” available at the NINAS Voice YouTube channel Link here, which are really battlefield instructions and help spread same to all our people who hail from the Alliance Territories wherever they may be across the world. 

The recent visit of UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres to Nigeria was orchestrated by Amina Mohammed and her principals in Abuja, to set up a counter-narrative to the self-evident complicity of the Fulani President of Nigeria (Buhari) who is also the Commander-In-Chief of Nigeria’s Armed Forces, in the Fulani invasion of the rest of Nigeria, just as the false narrative of farmers and herders clashes was set up and marketed in Washington DC for years until the LNC-NINAS Team shot it down in 2019. 

At a time key stakeholders in Nigeria are considering what viable options are available for managing the Extraordinary Emergency thrown up by the fact that Nigeria’s President and Commander-In-Chief is openly complicit in the terror ravaging Nigeria, it takes being blind not to see through Amina Mohammed’s harebrained scheme of bringing the UN Secretary-General to Nigeria to hail, endorse, and praise Buhari’s Government for the Afghan-style “Rehabilitation and Reabsorption” of “Repentant” Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists into Nigeria’s Military, and therefore set up a counter-narrative. 

Unfortunately for Amina Mohammed and her Fulani kinsmen, the roots of the LNC and NINAS at the UN go far deeper than the Executive Secretariat Level which is where Amina Mohammed and her boss, the Secretary-General of the United Nations belong. The business of what has to be done about the wobbling Nigerian Federation resides with the UN Main Organs particularly the UN Security Council and Trusteeship Council, not the Secretariat. 

Just like how the Governors’ Forum in Nigeria has a Director-General who heads the Secretariat Staff for the Governors’ Forum while the Governors themselves call the shots for what the Governors’ Forum does, the UN Secretary-General is merely the head of the UN Executive Secretariat but it is the member countries, particularly at the UN Security Council that call the shots. 

The UN Secretariat is only there to provide administrative mechanisms for implementing the decisions of those organs.

Let it be recalled that in the LNC-NINAS 8-Point Strategy document which has been in the public domain since 2018, we allotted percentage weights to the different task components for the Liberation Project. While the task of Taking Down the 1999 Constitution weighed in at seventy-five percent of the overall task profile, International imperatives weighed in at a mere five percent, most of which had been accomplished between 2007 and 2019.

This indicates that most of what needs to be done to free ourselves from the bondage of Caliphate Nigeria is in our hands, and is our responsibility to do, and so we must rise up to the challenge of now. No one is coming from the international community to do our tasks for us, especially now that the task is reduced to only one item: Halting the Voyage to 2023 Elections as a final act for Taking Down the defeated 1999 Constitution. It is when we do that One Final Task that we precipitate the Constitutional Logjam that will usher in the Transitioning that will midwife the Regional Self-Referendums to recommit to or opt-out of the Union of death that Nigeria has become for its constituent components.

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